401 Trail

Photos submitted by Paul Traynor, “My partner Megan and I just got back form an incredible first time in Colo’rad’o. The photos are taken on The Monarch crest, Salida and the 401 trail, Crested Butte. Cannot get over how amazing the trails were. Back in Australia now, it’s cold! Boo Hoo.” More pics after the break.

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401 Trail2

Cottonwood Salida Bear Creek


  1. —FYI—

    if you pronounce it Colo”rad”o you mark yourself as a tourist / transplant and will be a target for humiliating hecklings.

    its pronounced call-o-rod-o.

    class dismissed.

    cool pics though….fun trail.

  2. Gringo, -FYI-

    They might be from down under, but I’m pretty sure they meant colo “rad” o.

    Rad is short for the word radical, meaning in this instance something very cool.
    Cool meaning “good”, in case you didn’t catch that one either.

    -Class Dismissed!-

  3. @Gringo

    Yeah, if you try to sound all cool and call it Colo “Rad” O because its “rad” you might sound like a tourist. But many, if not most, or the old timer/ranchers I meet say “Colo-rad-o” and think “Colo-rod-o” is wrong.

  4. Hey Gringo, How do you pronounce Buena Vista?
    Why do Colorado folks invariably use the Anglicized form?
    Just curious… New Mexicans want to know.
    Vive la différence!

    What a beautiful state. Love the wildflowers. Eschew the drought.

  5. Clearly its boyna vista… haha

    Born is Gunnison, raised on the front range. Colorado vs Colorodo has never been an issue. And if you’re THAT guy, nobody cares what you call it because you’re THAT guy.

  6. Leadville folk seem to say “byoona vista”, or just “byoony”. Something of a shiboleth, maybe, a la “boy-cee” instead of “boy-zee”? At any rate, gorgeous photos. Jealous.

  7. I remember ripping thru 401 in a rain storm with the sunflowers exploding water as we passed…

    Colorado…if you can’t pronounce it, who cares. Buena Vista, Salida…whatever….I’m from Colorado….so come visit, enjoy, get ‘rad’ and then go home!

    *I live in California now BTW…


  8. Cheers Gents,
    Loved it and am planning a return trip with a a group. We learned a whole heap about trail sharing in ‘that state’ and were blown away by the hospitality. Heading out tomorrow on our local trails, no pizza and beer to finish unfortunately. Well maybe a beer!!!!

  9. I live on Mt. CB, and yes….the 401 is amazing. Come and visit, and see why this is one of the greatest mountain biking places around.

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