Photos submitted by Scott Robertson of Switchback Bikes. Second photo after the break.

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  1. When I seen that someone commented on this, I just knew it was going to be some crap about not wearing a helmet back in the day.

    +1 satisFACTORYrider , this is a “very cool” pic.

  2. Love all these old shots; I need to dig some up myself. Sadly, despite being in a neighborhood with lots of kids, I don’t see them on bikes. I can only assume they are inside playing video games. That’s too bad, “the trails” are where I learned anything and everything not taught in school.

  3. Because of the helmet paranoia many now think that just cycling around the neighborhood is some death defying stunt. So parents are more comfortable with kids getting fat on video games instead of hopping on the bike and just riding.

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