Van Dessel to make cyclocross bikes in USA

It’s been a while since we’ve heard or seen much from Van Dessel. But, with a recent infusion of capital, they’re back in action and bringing some new production stateside.

Not shown yet, they’ll have an all-new alloy cyclocross bike being fabricated at Zen. It’ll retail for $1,599 and be available for either disc brakes or cantilevers. Complete bikes will get spec’d with either the Easton disc or ENVE canti forks. Word is they’re also revamping their carbon ‘cross bike and making a few other changes across the line.

That’s coming. What’s here now is the updated Ramble Tamble…


The updated Ramble Tamble hardtail comes in at just $599 for frame and headset.


It keeps the replaceable dropouts with adjustable axle placement, so you can run it singlespeed with a chain or belt drive, or with gears.


The update comes in the form of a BB30 bottom bracket.


The marvelously versatile Whisky Tango Foxtrot thankfully remains in the line.

Look for full details on the new bikes as the fall tradeshows roll around.


  1. The Enve fork alone is $600-700. There’s also more to a bike than geometry that fits you. Rock Lobsters come with different options for tubing and some of those I’m sure push the pricing above $2000. Looks like VD will finally have some stuff made here–that’s a major improvement.

  2. Well, until BR fixes their copy we don’t know if that price includes fork or not but i don’t think so. The next sentence offers fork spec included in completes so i don’t think it comes with frame price. With RL frames, Easton alu or custom mix steel, comes with that price. added braze-ons is the only thing extra. And what’s that 2nd sentence?

  3. I hear KindHuman is offering made in the USA steel bikes with custom geos close to $2K with 5 week lead times. For the money, I’d get something from Paul at RL before a $1600 stock geo alloy bike from VD, as much as I do like Erwinn and the gang.

  4. RL charges $1550 for geared hardtails, but both are made by highly qualified welders. rock lobster is also comically cheap for hand made bikes.

  5. OK – here’s the scoop:

    The new Van Dessel ‘cross frame is a very high end 100% USA made frame. It is being retailed for $1599/frameset = frame, with (Chris King?) headset, WITH either an Enve canti fork (on canti verision) or the new Easton EC90XD fork (on disc version). While unconfirmed it seems the frameset will come stock with a Chris King headset and either the Enve (canti) or Easton (disc) forks included.

    They will be available as framesets and also as complete bikes, which are always built up in NJ to order – with bar/stem/crank/gearing sizing all to spec.

    The new frameset and bikes are available in either disc-only or canti-only versions, and is as high end as aluminum can get, with premium tubing and finishing = sand blasted & anodized finish. 56cm finished frame weight of 1300gr. I’ve seen a live sample and it looks extremely sharp & totally bad-ass. Loads of mud clearance, flattened top tube.

    This is a top end race machine, on par weight wise with most high end carbon, in a very durable high performance package. Bonus is that it’s 100% USA made from USA made tubing, and comes stock with an expensive US finish the best headset and forks you can put on it.

    Only “downside” I can see is that there is no custom option, all frames are stock.

    Can anyone show me (high end) carbon that competes with this at $1599?: 100% USA made, anodized/sandblasted premium finishing, top-end tube set, Chris King headset, Enve/Easton EA90XD fork.

    It’s a really great frame and a very competitively priced alternative to all the me-too carbon coming out of China. Especially for those looking for top-end performance, long lasting durability, and something with a little more soul and character.

    Pictures and complete details should be out in just a couple weeks.

  6. Alright, now yer talkin! Very cool, good for Van Dessel. I’m a candidate for sure. Hope you offer build kits with Sram, otherwise I’ll just transfer my parts.

  7. Currently owning 8 of Edwin’s bikes, I am excited to see the line up expand into the realm of American manufacturing. I don’t even need another Van Dessel but I foresee owning one of these works of art whether I like to admit it or not.

    Already have my name on an updated Ramble Tamble. My current Ramble Tamble has been amazing and still going strong. It has seen multiple Leadville 100’s, three bike packing tours, hundreds of rides, commutes to work, and errands ran. And after all this, it still looks great.

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