The new Diamondback Podium 24 kid’s bike gets a curvy 6061 alloy frame with 24″ wheels and a wicked fast looking red paint scheme.

The cockpit is kid sized, with shallow drop bars but a full Sora drivetrain, including the shifter/levers, plus linear pull brakes. Those, plus the generous tire clearance, make it entirely ready for cyclocross, too. Just change the tires. Retail is only $550, but expect to see it around $500 in shops. They gave it a cushier saddle so kids wouldn’t get turned off on road cycling just because of a hard saddle.

More pics, plus updates to the higher end, standard sized Podium road bikes below…


Alloy fork, too.


Tons of tire clearance means your heirs can join in your gravel road and ‘cross adventures, too.



The Podium 7 carries over for 2014 with the same AMMP SL frame, but gets a new naming scheme, with Equipe representing the top of the line.


Two new spec options are available at that level, Campagnolo Super Record EPS for $15,000 $10,500 or SRAM Red 22 for $8,000. Swappable cable ports allow for either on the same frame.



Another big upgrade is the switch to HED tubular wheels, glued up with Schwalbe tires.


  1. Let the shops do their own pricing and discounts maybe?

    Sweeeeeet bike at a good pricepoint for the little roadies tho..,

  2. ‘a full Sora drivetrain, including the shifter/levers’… what model year is this sold as? because those shifters go back to at least 2012 if they’re Sora.

  3. I wouldn’t ride the big one, but for the kiddos who will hopefully out grow it before it falls apart, it looks like a pretty ok option.

  4. @L. Forward,

    Shorty V-brakes are designed to work with road pull brake/shift levers- and work great. Look for them on ‘cross bikes everywhere.

  5. I got my 12 yo the Fuji Ace 650 and it rocks! It was only $325. The shifters are on top of the bar and I thought it would be a problem but he loves it since he doesn’t have to reach all the way to the levers to switch gears…..just another option as it took me forever to find a good kids road bike. Its got slightly bigger wheels 650’s. I like this Diamondback. It would have been on my short list.

  6. @Dontcoast, I was thinking the same thing. MSRP is one thing, saying that you should expect shops to discount the bike 10% is a bit crazy. Bike margins are tight enough as it is for shops.

  7. Kudos to Diamondback for at least having a go at bringing something to the market. It looks fine for the purpose (stand over comments agreed). If they can save a few dollars on the list price by spec’ing last years groupo…At least it’s not 1500 and made of carbon.
    Kids need bikes and parents who buy them need to afford them, especially when they’ll grow out of it in a year or so.

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