Happy_Ride_Seat_CoverWe post a lot of innovative uses of technology here at Bikerumor from flying bikes to the  latest nano carbon, wind tunnel tested components, but with this one I’m having a hard time figuring out the application.  It reminds me of when I was a kid and I’d stick a baseball card in the spokes to make my bike sound like a motorcycle.  Maybe the vibration makes your bike feel like you have a motor beneath you?  Or in an age when everyone is moving towards a less-is-more attitude with vibration dampening carbon fiber seatposts and seat rails, maybe someone figured out the way to keep numbness and discomfort at bay is to actually increase blood flow to the region?  Yeah, that must be it.  Just like compression sleeves increase bloodflow and speed recovery, when you start feeling a bit drab and the power drops on your power meter, just hit the on switch of the Happy Ride and the rejuvenating, variable speed vibration increases blood flow to the gluteal region for a little extra kick.  The Happy Ride requires 2 AA batteries (included) and also features EVA padding protected by a nylon shell.


What do you think?