jetflow hydration packs with water bottle based reservoir

Jetflow offers a pretty simple concept. Turn any water bottle into a reservoir, or use their large bottle with a wide mouth for easy cleaning to hold more water.

The idea came about because they were tired of cleaning bladders, and didn’t like the taste they imparted. The parts and bottle can all be thrown into the dishwasher,

The $30 “Eagle Kit” hydration system includes adapters to fit standard water liter-or-larger bottles (Dasani, Fiji, etc.), a mid-sized bottles (Powerade, etc.) and a large adapter for Nalgene bottles or their own. The hose has a one way valve on the opposite end of the hose that goes to your mouth, letting air into the bottle so it’s not creating a vacuum. The larger $40 “Raptor Kit” includes their BPA-free 35oz bottle and a hose cleaning kit.

They make packs, too. The smaller ones come with the hose kit and are $49.99 and the larger ones include the bottle for $79.99.

They’re made by Ledge, which makes other outdoor and camping equipment.


  1. So is the idea that you ride around with a backpack full of water bottles and stop to change them as they get empty?

  2. What a bad idea! Just what we need, more plastic floating around the environment. I thought the idea was to stop using disposable plastic and help reduce the plastic floating around. No thanks, I’ll stick with my bladder I use over and over again.

  3. Are you guys trying to be morons?

    This simply brings more flexibility to the hydration-on-bike arrangement. Whether you switch packs, your bladders are dirty (eewww), or are using a pack that doesn’t have a dedicated bladder area, this product creates solutions for each scenario. YES you will probably have better results from using a dedicated pack and bladder. But I’d bet the average person has a number of packs, a couple old bladders, mismatched pieces…and a number of bottles at any given time, ready to go.

    Read this part :”The parts and bottle can all be thrown into the dishwasher”.

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