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The Skycarb, Astute Italia’s 140 gram flagship represents the full gamut of Astute’s technology.  Tri-density cushioning (one layer of which is memory foam) and a shock pad absorber system which places pads where the rails attach to the carbon shell shows Astute thought not just about weight with these saddles, but comfort too.  Join us after the break for more on the Skycarb and Astute Italia’s other models, the Skylite and Skyline.

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Even the underside of the Skycarb looks good, showing off its shock absorbers, carbon rails, and carbon shell.

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One of the ways Astute Italia keeps their saddles light without removing every shred of cushioning is the method by which they attach the cover to the shell.  They use an interlocking dual shell design that secures the microfiber cover without the need for glue or staples.

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Each of Astute Italia’s saddles are available with or without cutouts (SR indicates no cutout, VT cutout) and are 275mm long by 135mm wide.


Next in Astute’s lineup is the 173 gram Skylite, which boasts most of the same technology as the Skycarb, except it has a carbon reinforced shell instead of full carbon.  It still retains the carbon rails.


The 199 gram Skyline has the same inner carbon-reinforced shell as the Skylite, an outer shell of soft touch nylon, and rails made of titanium alloy.


  1. westernbikeworks.com has the Skyline and Skylite for $155 and $260 respectively. They should be getting the Skycarb soon too. They might be the only American company selling them so far. As Sean mentioned, Chain Reaction has them too.

  2. Handmade + Italia+ italian flag = charge plenty of money for it. Are these things made here in Italy for real ? How come there is no official www for Astute ? I’ll stick to my perfect 60 Euro worth of Specialized saddles,too bad they fail after only 6 months..

  3. I know the Italian laboratory that produce the Astute becouse I live near it,I guaranted that saddles are made fully in Italy with a team of people that have 30 years experience on this sector.
    Even see the site,becouse they have launched new version on 8/08/2013.

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