It was almost exactly 10 years ago when Dave Watson surprised tour spectators by launching himself off a road gap over riders in the Tour de France. Less than ideal circumstances and a rough landing led to Dave not quite sticking the landing, but it was forever stamped in mountain biking history as the Tour de France gap jump.

Fast forward to the present, and 10 years later Romain Marandet and the crew from Encho Rage helped Kevin Demolis, Alexis Bosson, Killian Bron, and Emeric Caron celebrate the occasion with another jump over the Tour. This time, right over the yellow jersey, and they stomped the landing.

Check out the making of the jump, after the break!



  1. fake? you can see the bike approaching through the trees. the dude on the side of the road with a bandana on his head looks at the bike as it sails across. seems legit to me.

  2. That Watson didn’t stick the landing isn’t a major point for me. He put his name on the road and went for it. His jump was bigger and better. This is just a me-too effort.

  3. If your a scared ….. Go to church. I’ll go to the road gap. Lol

    Seriously guys this is awesome and if you want to whine about any part of it your not a true cyclist. Remember that pulling that first wheelie and skid stopping when you were a kid is what started us all down the cyclist path. Rodie does a wheelie ver the finish its getting rad. So is this, no different.

  4. I’m trying to think about how the roadies can get back with a stunt of their own.

    Maybe setup a trainer with a TT bike next to a WC DH course and shoot up some EPO as the riders go by?

  5. Awesome stunt. I ride road and mountain (XC and some DH) in equal amounts. Stop hating on each other. Anything on two wheels is way cool.

  6. The reason why this wasn’t cool is that the rider (tried) to steal Froome’s spotlight.

    If this did this without the TDF who’d have cared? Would anyone look on YouTube at someone jumping over a road?

    I have much more respect for a guy jumping off a building & filming it…at least its HIS event. This stunt is about as cool as streaking a golf match..


    Btw, his timing sucked, he was 2 seconds late.

  7. I guess we should be proud that this stunt required cutting down several trees,making some ramps, clearing some landing areas, and generally giving the mountain bike community a black mark for being selfish.


  8. Stop hating. They are riding bikes, just like the riders in TDF. At the end of the day, how much does this shit matter? You’re all a bunch of pricks. @Samuel Greeur- You should probably stop riding a bike, driving a car, getting out of bed- you could die at any time.

  9. this was awesome. And some of these negative comments are the reason roadies are oh soooo lame. Waaa! Time to loosen up that spandex, have some fun, turn off the power meter, have a good time.

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