For a limited time, Tile is offering in introductory price of $18.95 for their lost-and-found transmitter which works with various Apple devices including recent generations of the iphone, ipad, and even ipod touch.  With a range of 50 – 150 ft., it’s not a full bike recovery solution, but the community aspect used to find the bike in the video is pretty cool.  Tend to lose a certain accessory or your keys before a ride?  Tile can help with that too.  There’s no replaceable battery, so Tile will only last about a year before you have to replace it.  Tile is slated to ship this winter.


  1. Totally into this! They should just go ahead and pay the license fees to put the technology in top caps. I am hoping I could ball one up with electrical tape and a “wick” and stuff it into my seat post or bars…Tell me more!

  2. I’ve been debating whether or not to get a few of these. Its effectiveness really rests on how many people get onboard with the app. Cool idea though.

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