Forgo the bruised and banged-up shins and turn your road-going thoroughbred into a sandal friendly cruiser.

Made in the USA, BikeDabs have solutions for Shimano SPD-SL pedals, with Look Keo, Speedplay, Crankbrothers and Shimano SPD models coming soon. Weights for SPD-SL and Look Keo solutions come in at only 44 grams and set you back $18.99. You can check out pricing and weights on all BikeDab models here.


  1. It appears the pedal is upside down. Hope this is a sensible decision. Last pair of converters I had, the platform was always on the wrong side. As I got the things primarily so friends could ride my single speed while camping, they were mostly useless.

    I’ve got crank bros mallets now, so no real need for converters for me anymore.

  2. nope never

    what kind of idiot wears this stuf ? ahahahahahahahaha

    please please. do not bury me with any of this cheap trash.

  3. You know, has anyone ever thought of:
    a) grinding down a regular 15mm wrench
    b) buying a pedal wrench and regular pedals.

    Makes life easier. I swear.

  4. I have a pair for spd-sl and they work really well. Good grip, easy to use, and tough. I like ’em for short commutes and casual rides.

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