Lots of companies have demo rigs, but Sombrio is doing it in some serious style. Rolling soon to an event near you, the Mobile Brand Experience is bringing the entire Sombrio clothing and footwear line to festivals, bike races and events.

The inside isn’t what you would expect from most demo trucks – check it out, next.


Fitted with custom wood paneling, high end lighting, and retail fixtures, the whole things looks more concept store than semi truck.


At events the entire Sombrio line will be on display offering customers the chance to touch, feel, and try on that latest goods.


Clothing can be tried on in the custom bicycle themed changing room in the corner of the rig. Outside the truck there will apparently be pump track set up, and we wouldn’t be surprised to see some hanging out going on in front of the Big Rig.

You can follow the truck at www.sombriocartel.com, on facebook.com/sombriocartel, and instagram.com/sombriocartel#


  1. How about a positive comment on this website?!

    Beautiful rig. Glad to see the investment and taking pride in their products and their corporate image.

  2. @Craig–okay, wow what a sweet gigantic behemoth carbon bigfoot RIG–can’t wait for it to mow me down as I share the road. Gimme a break dude!

  3. That’s a nice setup for a company that I’ve never heard of, and I do consider myself to be a bike geek, but I guess not as regards to clothing. I’ve got decade old jerseys that seem to work fine, and buy new PI shorts as they die.


  4. @Honeybear: Good point about the carbon footprint. I don’t see anything here that they couldn’t do with a few large tents transported in a much smaller vehicle. I understand its a marketing tool, but I don’t see a big truck selling any more shirts.

  5. Craig- I totally agree. Awesome rig and a huge investment. Love it.
    All the ball less , soul sucking carbon weenies can suck it.

  6. You gotta have a big tractor trailer if you want the lot lizards to flock to ya. When they see me on my bike, they just want to steal it. No, “Hey, wanna party?” for me.

  7. Why on earth would sombrero have this phalic vehicle?
    Even Joakley doesn’t front like this to the MTB crowd. Maybe Sombrero is targeting the Canadian NASCAR circuit

  8. Sombrio is a competitor of mine, my hats off to them with this experience and the stuff they make, they are a part of the MTB culture and I can dig that. Nice job guys!

  9. Sombrio makes some good gear, ive been using there stuff for years now. They could have a wider selection though, this will probably help them sell a ton and expand, good for them.

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