CXR Disc Black

We all know cross is awesome (you do know that, right?). After cross season is over though, most of us want to keep riding our CX bikes as wet weather road bikes, gravel racers, and dirt explorers, but the lack of bottle cage and fender mounts on traditional CX race bikes doesn’t help. Working to provide a bike that would satisfy both their customer’s and personal desires for an all seasons cross bike, Cascade Bicycle Studio has teamed up with Seven cycles for an exclusive CX bike that is just that.

CBS states that this is a Cyclocross race bike first, but one that doesn’t have to be hung up after the cowbells fade away.

CXR Rim Fender

CXR Disc Fender Black

The CXR is all about options. The bike can be ordered in steel or Ti, linear pull, or disc, frame and fork or Complete build, or even ala carte. Each CXR is available in 6 size options in the two color custom CXR paint scheme. The actual paint colors are up to you with the choice of two of Seven’s stock paint colors to make up the design, or even custom colors at an additional fee.

CXR Rim CXR Disc Mount

Alluding to the race nature of the bike, there is clearance for 35mm cross tires or 32mm road tires with fenders. The fender mounts are drilled and tapped into the frame, and use an eyelet in the carbon fork that sits just below the disc caliper or behind the dropout on the non disc model. Since this is designed for riding other than CX, two bottle cage mounts are found on the frame.

Apex Component Spec Force 22 Component Spec


Availability is always crucial with CX bikes. CXRs are already in production and available now. Each bike includes a complimentary fit session at Cascade Bicycle studio to determine the frame, stem, and seating position along with the build configuration. A $1000 deposit gets your order moving with a 6 week turn around.

Pricing starts at $2,530 for the steel frame and fork, with complete bikes offered in SRAM Apex and Force 22 groups in disc or linear pull options.


  1. Super cool shop, they promote a CX race series, have regular shop rides and are all-around good people. Maybe a shop tour/showcase would be in order?

  2. All I’m seeing is a CX frame that accommodates fenders and larger tires. Maybe I’m I’m wrong, but a lot CX frames seem to fit this bill. It’s only the top-end race frames that don’t.

  3. @Gillis, I think you may have answered your own question. This is supposed to be a top-end race frame which accommodates fenders. It sure costs enough to be top-end, lol.

  4. Hey look – another Seven that’s been given a new name and special paint, making it a new Rare Limited Special Edition Limited Production bike! I remember when the custom manufacturers were the innovators. Now innovation is fender mounts and large tires on a race frame?

  5. my old tricross has fender eyelets and three water bottle mounts. great geo, fat tire(1.9) capable and very durable. whats the innovation other than its heavier and more expensive

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