Pedaling Smiles is a completely crowdsourced concept and production by Coca-Cola that uses cyclists in red t-shirts to elicit smiles.  Sure, it’s an uber-cheezy after school special style promotion, but how often have you seen the best pros in the world riding in the TDF, finish in sight, Coke in hand?  Or how often have you downed some Coke at a rest stop towards the end of an endurance race and donned a big ol’ smile?  At least Coca-Cola realized bikes are paramount to that smile (notice the people in the video don’t get a Coke until they smile at the bike).


  1. I stopped drinking coke when they dropped real sugar for sweetener here in the USA.
    Bring that back and I would smile for sure.

  2. Sorry to be a pedant, but it is elicit, not illicit. That is, of course, assuming they are not trying to get people to smile in a designated no-smiling zone.

  3. Its just not right to associate coca-cola with cycling.
    Unhealthy stuff + healthy lifestyle = commercial ?
    Whats next? McDonalds pushing “healthy food” at Tour the France ?

  4. tsuful, you do know it’s common for racers to “de-fizz” coke and run it in their bottles don’t you? I’m talking the sugary kind, as I’m not sure about the new stuff. I’ve done it in 100 or so mile road races I’ve been in a time or two. It’s not tasty, but it seemed to do the trick. Then again, I don’t think coke is unhealthy. Not much tastes better after a long ride in the GA humidity.

  5. @tsuful
    2L per day? That’s not going to be good for you.
    A can a day? That’s not going to be bad for you.

    It’s all about moderation.

    And I’m looking forward to my fizzy brown nectar of the Gods with lunch today!

  6. Too much of anything is bad for you. I love riding, but I love having a Coke/Pepsi after my ride because it makes it so much better. I try to stay away from sodas during most of my week, but I think it’s okay to have a treat once in a while.

  7. This is weird imo. A huge brand using unlikely friendliness for pushing a garbage product. The goal is to spread – “Gee those kids who drink Coke, they are really angels. I think I’ll buy some.” Make me barf. This is USING cycling for sales. Unless I’m wrong and a chiunk of the profit goes to non profit cycling programs.

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