Azonic Outcast XC Wheels RedNo one does budget friendly, freeride ready, bullet proof wheelsets like Azonic. Their popular candy colored Outlaw wheelset has taken a beating on the clapped out bikes of this generations of groms, and survived unscathed. 

Now that big hucks are out and trail riding is hip, Azonic is switching paces with it’s new Outcast XC wheelset. Built by attaching the spoke head at the rim, they’re anything but light at 1790 grams, and only rated for XC and light trail riding, but given the companies track record – these wheels might survive Hayes 9 Brakes and cockroaches.

Head past the break for all the details… 

Azonic Outcast XC Wheels


Azonic has taken it to the next level by reversing how a wheel is built. By attaching the spoke head at the rim, Azonic can increase the spoke nut length and strengthen the wheels overall construction. Over-length spoke nuts are longer and bigger in diameter than a standard spoke running the same distance across the wheel so any flex between the hub and rim is greatly reduced. Wheel strength and stiffness is increased without sacrificing weight. Azonic Outcast wheels are designed for XC and light trail riding featuring a 4 bearing rear hub, oversized front hub and the many options for axle configurations.”


Weight- 135: 1790g

6000 Series Aluminum Rim

Stainless Steel Spokes

7075 Aluminum Spoke Nuts

7075 Aluminum Cassette Body

Sealed Cartridge Bearings

*Welded joint rim technology– Welded joints on rims allow for a balanced rim weight and eliminate the need for additional material.

*Over-length Spoke Nut Technology– Extra long spoke nuts allow for added strength and stiffness from hub to rim.

*Tubeless Tire Compatible– Rims are compatible with standard tubes and all tubeless tire systems. Tubeless valve included.

*Interchangeable Axle Options Front– Easily change axle type to fit all industry standards, QR, 9mm, 15mm, 20mm.

*Interchangeable Axle Options Rear– Easily change the axle type to fit all industry standards QR, 10m, 12mm.

No word on 27.5 or 29 options but we’re reaching out for details.


  1. given that the outlaw is available in 650b and 29″ sizes, it’s a pretty safe bet that these sizes will be available for this model too

  2. given that they’re a cheaper copy of a Crank Brothers wheelset, and we all know that CB products are just sooooo well engineered.

    sigh. avoid like the plague

  3. I wouldn’t say they are like crank bros, they are definitely different, and many other wheelsets are engineered like this.

    I cant believe no one commented on the hayes 9 and cockroaches joke. Loved it!

  4. funny thing about spokes- theyre only in tension, so their stiffness does not increase by the fourth power of its diameter, so they could have used thicker spokes for the same effect.
    1790grams “without sacrificing weight”. 1790gram xc-to-light-trail wheel, in 26″. the only thing going for these is the snazzy colors.

  5. if these are anything like the outlaws, you are gonna see a LOT of people running them, if only as a spare / training wheelset. while outlaws are nothing special, they are very durable (my current set is going on 3 years of downhill abuse. i’ve broken a few spokes and had to replace hub bearings, and i’m starting to get a few dents in the rims, but still) but most importantly inexpensive. probably the best value dh wheels on the market.

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