Swat XC Kit

Head over to the nearest endurance mountain bike race and take a loot at the bikes – there is a good chance you’ll see a number of items taped or strapped to the bikes in order to get the rider through the race. Specialized looked at this and thought there could be a better solution. What if your bike had storage solutions for most of your needs built right into the bike? That’s exactly what SWAT aims to accomplish with integrated rider solutions for storage, water, air, and tools.

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sBC GPL Copper Mtn 2014 sBC GPL Copper Mtn 2014

In addition to now finding two bottle cage mounts, on Expert Epics and up you will find the Stage 3 SWAT Kit – storage, water bottle holder, air canister, and EMT multi-tool that is integrated into the suspension. Stage 3 equipped or compatible frames will be able to run a SWAT box which will house a Turbo tube, custom tire lever, and a 25g C02 cartridge with a custom inflator head.

sBC GPL Copper Mtn 2014

Thanks to the Zee II bottle cages, there is now room for two cages on the Epic in addition to the SWAT box.

Zee Cage II Right Zee Cage II Left

Zee Cage II carbon LEft

The Zee II cages are available in left and right side loading designs in both Carbon and reinforced composite with multiple colors. Without the EMT tool mount, the cages weigh 43g for the composite, and 28g for the carbon cage.

Swat EMT Cage Mount

If you aren’t riding a new Epic with storage for the EMT tool in the frame, you can carry the EMT via the cage mount which is compatible with any Zee Cage II. The EMT includes a slotted screwdriver, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 8mm allen wrenches and a T25 torx. The plastic cradle is mounted to the frame with a hardened CRV steel hanger and the cradle holds the tool in place with a latch on the end to keep it from rattling.

Swat Top Cap Chain Tool

The EMT still leave you needing a chain tool, so why not stash it in your steerer tube? Specialized certainly isn’t the first to offer a tool that fits in the steerer tube, but they make use of empty space with an emergency chain tool. The system works with any 1 1/8″ steerer with 32mm of available depth, and is offered in an alloy version with a star nut or carbon version with a expander plug. In addition to being compatible with 8, 9, 10, and 11 speed chains, the Top Cap Chain Tool also holds quick links for repairs. A special tool is included with the alloy version to properly set the starnut.

Fuelcell Aero Storage Swat Keg Storage

Further storage is available with the KEG Storage vessels and the FuelCell Aero Storage box for Shivs.  The KEG is a 160z PETE container with a 63mm wide opening to stuff whatever you need in the KEG. Available with or without a pocketed tool wrap, the KEG makes it easy to store whatever you need in a standard bottle cage.

The Shiv FuelCell is designed to fit all sizes of Shiv frames, sitting in between the down tube and the seat tube in a manner that eliminates drag. Inside you will find enough room for 8 gels, or 2 bars and 3 gels in the soft upper, and a tube with 60mm valve, C02 cartirdge, C02 head, and valve extender in the lower hard box.

Specialized has plans to expand SWAT technology into mountain bike clothing as well with bib shorts that provide storage for water and tools under the jersey, and against the body for easy carrying.


  1. Yeah, tool boxes, whatever. I’m more interested in what sounds like the 2014 Epic. Looks like internal cable routing, a significant re-shaping of the seat-tube/top-tube/shock area, and two(!) bottle cages.

  2. I like the idea of building a system like this. Being able to stash a multi-tool up there by the shock is pretty nice. The box looks like pretty cheap, low-quality plastic. I think they could have done better with that.

  3. @Ck “The box looks like pretty cheap, low-quality plastic. I think they could have done better with that.”

    Carbon fiber out of the gate?! C’mon. Maybe Rev 2, if they realize this stuff is selling. You also have the weight weenies come out of the woodwork if was anything *other* than cheap (read: light) plastic.

  4. So it’s like a saddle bag for your down tube? Looks completely groundbreaking, but I need to hear more about how it is vertically compliant while remaining laterally stiff before I make a decision to buy it.

  5. Go to weightweenies website and search for: ‘CO2 or pump into 1 1/8 steerer tube’
    That is my own version for a pump/CO2 in 1 1/8 Steerer tube (For Lefty fork user’s only).

  6. Hey, remember when Cannondale did this 6 years ago? They had a multi-tool that dropped into the steerer tube of the lefty fork. SBC steals from C’dale once again.

  7. Really? I am sure they are going to have a lot of issues with these rattling on the bike and falling off. Let the warranty claims begin.

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