We touched on it briefly in the Pinarello 2014 preview, but Pinarello is shedding a bit more light on their new full suspension Dogma XM. The video makes some big claims – what do you think?


  1. Stiffer front end hey? How much stiffer do we need? My bikes are plenty stiff up front. Love the seat tube clamp area. Cool bike.

  2. Juice- disc caliper inside the left chainstay is on more bikes than you realize, Personally I think the bump-stop should be on more bikes, and mounting the shock off-set to better counter-act the crankset- innovative way of thinking

  3. Mounting the shock opposite the crank is definitely an innovation. I don’t know if it works in practice, but it certainly seems like a viable concept.

    Ultimately, I give credit to Pinarello here. I’ve never thought their road frames were particularly interesting, they are ugly, heavy, and make no significant advances anywhere (aero, lightness, tech), but this bike definitely has a lot of new ideas. And I’d be lying if I said it was absolutely gorgeous.

  4. One thing I don’t understand is how exactly do these flexy seatstays know when to be flexy and when to stay rigid. Is anyone able to explain this to me? ATM I don’t buy this at all.

  5. WTF is the fork stopper system for? To break frame in a small crash? It works just fine allowing the crown to rotate under the down tube, unless you use a double crown.

  6. Looks a lot like they were inspired by GT I-drive with the whole bottom bracket mounted suspension. Just looking at it and listening to the choice of words, it sounds like this baby is going to be the definition of stiff! XC guys/gals rejoice! In the end the more mtb competition the better!

  7. Wow….marketing bs is right! So they made a carbon single pivot bike with flexy seat stays and an offset shock that mounts to a screwed in bb plate….totally revolutionary! I love the marketing around the triangle based front end for added stiffness. How many frames these days are breaking at the head tube junctions?

  8. @segg it has to do with the speed at which the rear wheel is being deflected. the slow forces of pedaling on flat ground are not great enough to cause the stays to flex, while the rapid acceleration of hitting a root/rock/bump on a downhill is a much greater force and will cause the stays to flex. think of the loading scenario like using a shovel to cut through a root. if you merely stand on the shovel you cannot cut through the root, but if you jump on to the back of a shovel it will easily slice through a root. most materials behave like this, where a gradual loading scenario(pedaling) will cause them to deflect much less than a high speed hard impact(bump/root/rock compliance).

  9. All the [deleted] roadie Dogma/Seven types around here will have to have this or a BMC to hang in the mansion garage next to their $12K road wonder that they can barely ride over 17mph without a tailwind pushing them on a downhill.
    Full Team jerseys and bibs to go with the 50yo bellies underneath.
    Mount it on their rad Audi A7 with the KUAT rack and they just dropped $20G at the bike shop to think they are hip and cool.

    Awesome. Just awesome. ANytime you want to see one it should be parked in front of the Peet’s. DB will be on his iphone calling for a ride home from his wife.

  10. Seriously though. Isn’t the whole point of CF so that you can reinforce/stiffen sections to counter stress imbalances?
    Why couldn’t you engineer the whole lower triangle/BB to do the same thing as that 12bolt clamp on shock mount?
    Somebody call Castellano. Get those italians a consulting contract ASAP!

  11. To prevent mounting the shock directly to carbon, we decided to put 8 heavy bolts and a big unnecessary CNC’ed link that mounts to only one side of the frame in order to make this bike the bulkiest BB shell EVER INVENTED.

  12. Ya, know, all snide comments aside, there are a lot of things on this frame that make a lot of sense to anyone that has designed FS frames.

    Sure, some of this is pure marketing gumf dressed up to be engineering, and the video blows massive chunks (I mean this is a bike, not a 600bhp super car), but some pretty valid points are made and some interesting solutions are presented.

  13. Antipodean_G-
    Nice try buddy. “A lot of things”? Really?
    You were apparently sucked into the marketing video. None. I repeat None of this stuff is anything new.

    Flexible stays-check
    asymetric frame elements-check
    Triangle main frame-wow!check
    Rubber fork stop-oooooh check.
    Single pivot rocker suspension-check 1000 times.

    Looks to me like Dave Weagle was locked up with design contracts with competitors and Pinarello needed product to sell since the insanely expensive road market may be tapering off due to the worldwide economy tanking and the fact that their bicycles cost more than my motorcycles which have 10X the engineering built into them that these bicycles have.

  14. when I saw the shock linked to a BB concentric pivot just for the hell of it, I wanted to know what they were smoking, so that I could say, “not even once” if offered some. How long before that abomination starts creaking, then flexing so that the shock gets a sideways load? If that’s not the correct technological term, correct me, but I think you know what I’m saying. BUNK!

  15. @chasejj never said it was new now, did I? I said “interesting solutions are presented”, which they are, regardless of if they’ve been done before.

    Read and digest before commenting my friend, and never assume, because, as they say, you make an ass out of you and me.

  16. All the acronyms aside, I think it is a pretty bike. We should reserve judgement until someone reviews how it handles. In the end choice is good right?

  17. Matt- RS6 Avante is far more desirabl than an A7.Nothing against Audi’s other than you can’t swing a dead cat without hitting an Audi driver around me and it is the DB car of choice here.
    Pancakes- I used to ride a Pinarello(Alexi Grewal livery from BITD). But the $12K road bike and now this bike is driving the market to an unhealthy place for the avg kid to become involved. BTW- I am angry about a lot of stuff but the post was somewhat T.I.C.

    Antipodean- None of these solutions are original or all that interesting. This is tired old euro MTB engineering dressed as TdF level livery. It fails like it always has. A Turner Czar would smoke this thing in every possible way.

  18. Chasejj- I am a ‘middle aged’ Emergency Medicine physician with an Audi S4. I work my tail off and because of this I have nice bikes. Am I a DB because I gave up a 12 years of my life to my education and passion? Let me assure you I ride fast, and there is no belly here. As soon as your 30 minute time slot is done on the library computer come outside. I’ll let you try my Ripley.

  19. I’d like to see some info on rear axle path through the compression cycle of the suspension. Looks like a single pivot system. Other than the asymmetrical mount… Pretty basic setup.

  20. @chasejj

    God bless the people you just described that come in and drop 20Gs at a bike shop. It kind of helps, you know, keep the industry alive.

    Also: I bought a Fisher Big Sur for 1100 dollars in 2002. The same amount can get me a more competent bike these days. No question. Granted: five or six years ago was the heyday for affordable, high quality bikes, but I think that has a lot to do with the tanking world economy.

  21. The Pinarello Dogma XM’s Onda Curve Asymmetric works best with when coupled with the Heisenberg Distillate Compensator and a Mk. 7 Flux Capacitor which in turn reinforces the bilateral strengthened revolutionary symmetrical-yet-assymetrical single pivot effort through the silicate carbon matrices of the rear triangle. The assymetric geometry of the Dogma XM was achieved with the judicious application of mathematics and advanced quantum physics in numerology installed in the turboencabulator, resulting to an immense .03131% increase of trilateral stiffness across the entire phased array spectrum. Combined with the fork stopper, this essentially produces a mountain bike that works like a Klunker.

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