Sandwich 3It seems there are no shortages of wooden bike designs lately, but the Sandwich bike takes it a step further with a build it yourself aspect. As the brain child of Dutch Designer Basten Leijh, the Sandwich bike brings the flat packing concept to two wheels with the new bike. Made from weather proof coated plywood layers, “Smart Cylinders” bond the pieces together into something that you can actually ride.

See what makes a sandwich, next.

Sandwich flat pack


Packaged as compact as possible, the box includes everything needed to assemble the bike including tools. All told, the bike is comprised of less than 50 parts.

Sandwich front

Flat pieces of wood straight up and down wouldn’t make the best fork, and would also limit the turning radius, so the for features two planks in a v-shape for stiffness. Sandwich bikes are available for pre-order at € 799 or roughly $1042.



  1. I don’t get the price tag. For about half of what the “sandwich” bike costs you could get a sweet custom single speed road bike.

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