beautiful bicycle

So, you think you have the trickest or prettiest bike out there?  Some custom handmade thing?  A Vadeyk one off no one knows about?  A rare vintage bike perfectly restored?  Prove it.  The Beautiful Bicycle Print by graphic designer Andy Scullion will choose the 32 best entries and put them together into a design like the mock-up above, and depending on the size of your pledge, you get that final product in a postcard, 11×17 or 17×22 size.


  1. @Nathan, this is just a mock-up. It’s says he will choose the best entries. Hopefully they include more than the few he chose here.

  2. Not to crap on the guys parade, but why is this even a kickstarter? What does he have to raise money for? There are many on demand print companies. All he has to do is collect votes and design the poster and upload it. The companies take care of all the rest. Pick a price that offer reasonable compensation for his work and your done.

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