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If you’re a regular Strava user, and your feed is peppered with multiple short rides all in the same day, Strava has an update for you. To help you satisfy your need for KOMs, Strava is launching an updated version of the popular ride tracking app that will include real time performance updates that will allow you to see if you just nabbed that KOM without having to stop and upload your ride.

The catch? Well, to get the new feature you will have to be a premium member. In addition to the real time updates, you will obviously receive all the other benefits of the premium membership though something tells us this latest development will motivate more people than ever to jump on-board.

More details next.

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The new feature will be available for both Android and iOS platforms, with Android already available for download, and the iOS version out later today. While both versions will be allow you to stop and check your progress and the progress others who have ridden segments that day, the Android version takes it a step further and allows for both voice notifications and notifications through a Pebble watch. Currently available on the Android and soon on the iOS version you will also be able to see which of your riding buddies are currently out hunting for KOMs. To keep things from being too NSA-like, users have to opt in to this feature since the default is set to off (meaning others can’t track you if you don’t want them to).

To get the newest feature, you will need to pony up for a $59/year Strava Premium membership, or you can try it out on a month-month basis for $6/month.



  1. The only thing Strava has ruined for me is my desire to use my $600 Suunto. This is probably the feature that I need as an excuse to start paying for premium. Like pro-edge said, real time tracking of speed and heart rate/power would be pretty insane.

  2. Nothing will convince me to go Premium until they fix segment flagging and stop limiting functionality on downhill segments.

  3. G Unit , Endo has live tracking since beginning.
    i do not like strava, i like endo, but now i like edge500 much more (because it’s on my handlebar, it is small and can see much more info)

  4. The idiots that are “ruining” trails would be doing it regardless of Strava. And I say “running” in quotes because most times that faster line (not the shortcuts) have better flow.

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