Orica GreenEdge has already had one heck of a Tour de France. After the whole fiasco with the team bus, they became the first Australian team to win a stage with Gerrans narrowly besting Sagan on stage 3, beat everyone out in the team time trial to put Gerrans in Yellow, and then kept the Yellow jersey but graciously transferred it to Daryl Impey – marking the first African rider to lead the Tour. After Sky attacked on the mountains OGE was forced to cede the Yellow jersey, but they’re still having fun and racing hard – as evidenced by this awesome tribute to AC/DC.

If you didn’t know Orica GreenEdge before, you do now.


  1. Very entertaining. I’m glad they can poke fun at incidents like the bus accident from stage 1 and have fun during the race.

  2. I thought it was funny when the bus hit the staging and truss. In my job we routinely build structures like that one and, the first thing you should ask when building that particular piece is “HOW TALL IS A FREAKING BUS!!!” hahaha

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