Twin Six Standard cycling jersey and bibshorts review

Twin Six calls their Standard cycling jersey and bibshorts everything you need and nothing you don’t. Honestly, that prettying sums them up perfectly.

The jersey packs the features you want in a soft, comfortable top that breathes and wicks well and offers decent sun protection. Likewise, the shorts are comfortable for all day rides and short workouts.

Zip past the break to see what makes these standard looking items so special…

Twin Six Standard cycling jersey and bibshorts review

The jersey uses their Prime T6 fabric with UPF 28+ sun protection. The front has a full zipper that’s easy to operate in both directions with a single hand. That’s key for temp regulation without taking both hands off the bar, and it’ll hold position half way open even when you’re blasting downhill at 40+ mph.

The back has three deep pockets that hold your essentials well enough, and the full circumference silicone waist gripper keeps it from sliding around your waist.

Arm bands are soft and not any more stretchy than the rest of the jersey (which is to say the whole thing has the normal amount of stretch you’d expect from a mesh material). They’re sized normally, so if you have super skinny arms, they’re not likely to provide that aero ski suit look.

Twin Six Standard cycling jersey and bibshorts review

The shorts lack any silicone gripper, which I actually kinda like. The wide leg band is soft but holds position just fine, doesn’t become too constrictive and is easy to adjust mid ride as my legs get a pump.

They’re mad with an 8oz micro denier nylon with 8-panel flat seam construction and embroidered details.

Twin Six Standard cycling jersey and bibshorts review

A seamless, perforated Italian chamois ain’t fancy looking, but it remained perfectly comfortable on an 8+ hour day riding the Blue Ridge Parkway.

As basic as they are, both pieces are really nice and have worked their way into my regular rotation. Retail is $110 for the jersey, which comes in black, white and gray, and $125 for the bibs (black only. Both are made in the USA.


  1. Is it just me? or was all of twinsix’s stuff a lot cheaper like 6 months ago? this is a great idea, i would love to have two or three plain white jersey’s laying around for big training periods where all i need is something simple and reliable without having to do laundry more than once a week. But 110 dollars for a plain white jersey seems like a little much. Im sure they could drive the price down a bit and still maintain margins.

  2. Joe-The Standard jersey isn’t made out of the same fabric as the other twin six jerseys, it’s much nicer than pretty much any jersey for the most part. And know what? It’s worth it.

    Between my Twin Six Standard jersey and my Ibex merino I desire only more of each. If you’d like cheap jerseys I have about 6-7 XL jerseys I’m ready to dump cheap to add a few more of these jerseys to my closet. They’re that good.

    Bonus: I dislike jerseys with writing on them or fancy BS. That’s why I went to the Standard to begin with, didn’t even expect the material to be all that….but turns out it is.

  3. yeah, totally agree with the logoing and writing. and unfortunately im a size small :(. I do love what theyre doing, and the fact that it is american made. I just swear i remember the standard being cheaper. but maybe i am mistaken. This is the life of a broke college cyclist i suppose.

  4. Joe-Bummer I’d like to unload my jerseys! The Standard is a new jersey and has been $110 from day one. Twin Six’s other jerseys (which aren’t bad) go for around $80

  5. We’ve been trying/asking br if they’d be interested in reviewing some of what we do to no avail. Maybe we aint cool enough?

    A match, our ‘Club Jersey’ for around US$90 odd, 100% pure superfine Merino and made in Australia to your spec! We do bibs too, Elastic Interface chamois and all the trimmings but at a a chunk more than what Twin does them for…

  6. someslowguy – Nope. those pics were at a friend’s cabin near Linville Gorge, we rode from there to the top of Mt. Mitchell on the Parkway. It was about 93 miles and 10,500 to 13,000 feet of climbing depending on who’s computer we looked at.

  7. I would love to see a company like Twin Six based in MN, home to many corn-fed cyclists design (with a big D) and make gear that fits serious, but heavier cyclists. I’ve lost a ton of weight since I started riding daily 2 years ago but I have a long ways to go and will likely never achieve the Ticonderoga No. 2 physique (nor do I care to). I could just ride in T-shirts until I’m ‘ready’ for cycling apparel but I’d like to have a jersey or three that I’m not embarrassed to be seen in. I’ve already spent several hundred dollars on XXL (or XXXL) jerseys but since I’m not 6′ 3″ that high translates to awful fit – sleeve size and length all out of whack, they just look ‘off’.

  8. I own Both the grey and white versions of “The Standard” jersey and I couldn’t agree with this review more. Excellent fabric, breathable, well fitted and reliable. Not to mention that the kit looks straight CLASSY on the bike. Twin Six’s customer service is great as well. I had a shipping issue and they worked it out and were really nice about it.

    I would highly recommend Twin Six.

  9. I would be all over this if the jersey was available in a non-relaxed fit. I want a good fit, without being a billboard.

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