Budnitz has done it again. We were impressed by the No.1 and No.2, lusted after the No.3 and inspired by the No.4 – but Budnitz was not finished. Introducing what may be the first step-through frame that can be called sexy, Budnitz has delivered an all-around city bike that’s nimble and quick while remaining comfortable and accessible. Meet the No.5.

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Three years in design and production in order to nail the desired ride qualities, Budnitz calls the No.5, “incredibly beautiful, proudly unisex — and it’s a screamer on the road.”


Unique to the No.5 is what Budnitz refers to as an inverted single-arc cantilever frame. The inherent qualities of both steel and titanium in conjunction with this frame design allow the No.5 to absorb any irregularities in your path. Add to this the ability to fit tires up to 2.35″ and you will be gliding over most anything.


The No.5 comes with all the bling we have come to expect from a Budnitz. It rocks a Gates carbon belt drive mated to your choice of either single, Shimano 11, or Rohloff 14 speed hubs. A Chris King headset, Avid BB7 discs, Velocity hubs/rims and Thompson stem round out the standard components.


Base price of a steel edition sits at $2,600 and $5,000 for the titanium. Optional equipment can take those base prices for a ride, but what an amazing ride it would be.


  1. “The inherent qualities of both steel and titanium in conjunction with this frame design allow the No.5 to absorb any irregularities in your path.” *cough*

  2. Manly bike with a woman riding it in picture number 2. I’m confused, this looks far from manly. Are we just copying and pasting a press release from the Budnitz marketing team?

  3. @a, the tt has a similar profile from the side, but the budnitz design uses two thinner tubes joined with cross pieces, where the Masi has a single thicker tube. It’s not an earth-shattering difference, but I believe the twin tubes is the main point of “unique”ness.

    @OP and everyone else – why so hung up on gender identity of the bike? It’s awesome, or it isn’t. You’d ride it, or you wouldn’t. You can afford it, or you b!tch about the price like every other BR poster on every other Budnitz announcement 😉

  4. Please stop advertising this “maker”. Budwitz or whatever you are called… Advertise on monocle or similar trust fund mag. Trust fund bike for trust fund people. I am sure most readers here ride bikes ad can tell total junk.

  5. @boxbox-
    as pdx has pointed out, the masi has twin lateral tt’s, too. The masi doesn’t have the huge tire clearance or the disc brakes, though.

    I agree, let the homophobes who are scared of riding a “girls” bike point and laugh, I don’t care and happily ride my old peugeot mixte. I don’t have to worry about it getting stolen and all the girls think it’s cute, win win for me.

  6. This is the most over priced and boring bike brand on the whole planet. The only hope for Budnitz bikes lies in the Mars rover discovering a lamer brand.

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