The number of metrics you can track with your phone is ever growing, as is the number of apps you can download to track, analyze, and upload those metrics, turning your phone into a pretty sophisticated bike computer.  The drawbacks, however, have been battery life and the inability to add Ant+ accessories such as heart rate monitors, speed sensors, cadence and power meters, etc. to some Android phones.  Selfloops looks to bridge that gap by offering an accessory that combines a 2000mAH battery with an Ant+ sensor.  The Selfloops Ant+ accessory is compatible with Android version 2.3.4 and higher phones and over 150 Ant+ devices.  Selfloops also offers a telemetry app to go with their products and services and a Group Fitness app in the Google Play store.  The Selfloops Ant+ accessory retails for $115 and is available for pre-order now.


  1. I keep hearing that the phone will be replacing bike computers but as stated above the issues have been connectivity and battery power. Wonder if this will help that process along?

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