We initially reported on WTB’s Vigilante Enduro tire and beeline back in April here and on WTB’s partial April Fool’s prank here and the Nine Line all the way back in Septmber.  Now the rumors appear to be true and all three are available to the public as promised.  The Vigilante is WTB’s Enduro/AM specific tire available in 26, 650b, and 29 sizes, all in a 2.3 width, all TCS (tubeless) and in both standard and Team Issue versions.  The Team Issue version adds a beefier “enduro” casing and gravity DNA compound (AM casing for 29er).  Find out what the heck enduro casing is and specs on the Beeline and Nine Line after the break…


Vigilante_close_largeVigilante: Weights on the Vigilante range from 880 on the 26×2.3 to 1010 on the 29×2.3 AM, but what you lose in weight, you gain in protection and performance.  WTB says the enduro casing adds “a cut-resistant woven nylon layer stretching from bead to tread on both sides of the tire.  These sidewalls are impenetrable, keep the cut rocks and steep slopes coming!”

Meanwhile the Gravity DNA features a “45a durometer, glue-like conforming rubber cover[ing] a supportive 60 durometer base creating uncanny traction with tuned rebound characteristics designed to take harsh hits yet not fumble for footing.”

The AM casing found on the 29er version is ” reinforced with Inner Peace, a rubber insert protecting the bead region of the carcass and extending up the sidewall to prevent abrasion and damage when ridden aggressively.”  WTB also states that the Vigilante is now Mark Weir’s tire of choice.

wtb_beeline_01_retouched_largeBeeline: Moving more towards the aggressive XC side of things is the 650b specific, smaller knobbed Beeline. The 740 gram, 2.2 inch wide, tubeless compatible Beeline is engineered for rolling fast and cornering hard.  It features dual DNA compound rubber and lighter 60 tpi casing.
nineline_close_largeNine Line: And finally, the smallest knobbed, biggest hooped Nine Line. This race ready 2.0 inch wide tire weighs in at a svelt 550 grams for the non-TCS version and 603 grams for tubeless.  The Nine Line continues WTB’s usual treatment with a 60 tpi  casing and  60 a DNA rubber compound for the standard model and Dual DNA compound for the TCS model.


  1. So the Vigilante is somewhere between a Maxxis DHR2 EXO and a Hans Dampf but 200g heavier than either (for the 29er version)?

  2. So no side channels on the Vigilante, and the center channel on the larger center blocks is closed off by the smaller blocks. Effing brilliant. How can WTB designers be so incompetent?

  3. and so it begins. the tire I would consider isn’t being offered in my rim size: no beeline in 26″. I would actually buy that tire if it came in the right size. boo.

  4. You said about the Vigilante, “…but what you lose in weight you gain in protection and performance.”

    Pretty sure that when a tire gets heavier to give you protection from pinch flats and sidewall scuffs, you’re not “losing in weight” but rather gaining in weight.

    When you move to a sturdier casing (and thus heavier) tire, what you’re “losing” from a weight perspective is the ability to shed weight by running lighter tires.

  5. The designers are incompetent? by including the smaller blocks in the centre of the tire maybe they were going for a faster roll. You know, it’s almost like they thought about the fact that enduro riders might want a quicker rolling tire that also was ridiculously bulletproof on rough decents. I think a race version of the vigilante might be an o.k idea though… Oh wait you can get a Bronson which basically does that task. I applaud WTB for attempting to make tires which are relevant to specific uses, unlike the Kendas of the industry ie: XC tire – Nevegal, Trail tire – Nevegal, AM tire – Nevegal, DH tire – Nevegal…

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