We don’t always carries a bike light. But few of us would be caught dead without our smartphone.

Problem in need of a solution? Daniel Haarburger thought so. As a third year engineering student at Stanford, Harrburger has designed the HandleBand as a solution to all those inadvertent lighting needs. Hit the jump to see it in headlight and GPS mode, plus a video of it being thrashed off-road…


Sun has already set and you still have that 5 mile commute home? Just mount up your smartphone to your handlebar via the HandleBand, flip on the flashlight app and pedal away. And yes, an iPhone’s flash light really is bright enough to navigate by (albeit slowly, we’ve tried it), and strobe features in some apps make it a safety light.


Want to navigate over to that new espresso bar without stopping at every turn to consult your phone? Simply strap on your smartphone with the HandleBand and let your phone’s GPS direct you to that espresso macchiato.

HandleBand can also be used to mount just about anything to any part of your frame: Flashlight, pump, CO2, etc. And like any multifunctional tool it can also be used as a bottle opener.

To qualm any concern of the HandleBand’s durability it was taken out on some singletrack and deliberately crashed for good measure. Check it out:

Want one? Head over to HandleBand’s Kickstarter site. Fundraising is rocking until July 12th and for $25 a HandleBand can be yours.


  1. Smart indeed. Now it’s up to Apple to give it’s mighty product a battery life that makes it to dusk after only a couple of phone calls during the day.

  2. I don’t understand the desire to strap this $400 glass thing to bikes that cracks when you look at it funny. especially since if you can afford one you can afford a dedicated device for each of these functions.

  3. Has BR been taken over by rednecks? “Most anything,” “we don’t always carries.” Also, just because a person has money, it does not mean they will waste it buying devices with repeated functions. The majority of iPhone owners have them on a contract and are not particularly rich and as long as you’re not a moron they don’t break easily at all.

  4. $25 poverty solution for a problem already solved by buying an $8 light. Surprise surprise, it’s on Kickstarter – where all dumb ideas go to die.

  5. Give the guy a break!
    The point is, he went out, got a prototype, and is trying to take that to market. Don’t be so down on him just because us hardcore bikers don’t think its the best idea in the world. The fact is, someone is going to go buy that shit while we twiddle our thumbs and complain about it online…. id rather be on the manufacturing side of that one. Haters will always hate.

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