CSG has an interesting mix of brands. Cannondale remains the premium offering, GT’s been strong internationally and making a splash again in the US market with their 2014 lineup, and Mongoose is splitting their offerings between big box stores and independent bike shops.

We asked what the differences were, and the gist of it is this: The upper tier lineup shown here is spec’d far better than the bikes you’ll find in the big box stores. Branding will be consistent across all the bikes regardless of where they’re sold, but even with the IBD bikes, they’ll be pretty competitive. After looking through their 2014 lineup, the highlights shown here really do seem to offer a pretty compelling mix of features and spec for the price.

The most impressive example is the Boot’r downhill bike…


The Boot’r is a full on downhill bike with a heavily shaped frame, 8″ of travel, dual crown Rockshox Domain fork, SRAM X7/X9 mix, 8″ rotors. It’s been raced by Chris Akrigg and Amir Kabani, and it gets you on the mountain for just $2,600. Why is this good? Because park bikes get trashed, especially if you’re just getting into it, so why spend more?


It, and the 150mm Teocali (below), use their FreeDrive suspension design. It creates a rearward arcing wheel path, which they say helps maintain momentum over bumps.


Depending on spec, you can get the Teocali for $1,900 to $2,600.



Another good example: The Meteore Expert 650B hardtail has a triple butted alloy frame with XT shifters, rear derailleur and cassette, SLX front shifter, WTB Frequency tubeless ready rims, Kenda tires and Rockshox Reba fork for $2,600. All in it’s at 25lbs.


Their Tyax 29er hardtail starts at just $599, but for just $899 you get the Tyax Expert with Deore/Alivio group, Suntour XCR air fork. Kenda tires and Alex rims. We’d think for a bike shop to be able to get someone on a 29er with real parts for well under a grand is an appealing proposition. For comparison, there’s a Mongoose Stat 29er at big box for $229, but the frame isn’t going to be as well built and the component spec definitely won’t be equivalent.


The Salvo 29er gets a different suspension design that’s more XC oriented suspension and 100mm travel with a floating lower shock mount.


The Expert gets a Recon fork, XT/SLX/Alivio mix and Frequency rims for $1,800.

Not shown, the Mongoose Fireball is a 6061 alloy singlespeed dirt jump bike designed with Amir. It gets a Manitou Circus fork, Kore wheels and cockpit and Tektro mechanical disk brakes for $799.

Most of the bikes are running Hayes Prime brakes, some using Dynos, and lower level stuff gets Tektro or other brakes.


  1. When I see name Mongoose, the first thing that comes to mind is a cheap Walmart bike.
    Mongoose total destroyed their brand name recognition, they should change their name.

  2. Mongoose has change names. Just get a GT, Charge or Cannondale and you are supporting the same company. Dorel/Pacific killed the Schwinn and Mongoose brands in the USA.

  3. I didn’t know they were going to offer Mongoose again at US IBDS. There was no offering for MY13. Looks to be an overall pretty mediocre offering, but I’ll reserve judgment until I ride one. But I won’t.

  4. Have to agree w/ @michael and @Bikeman above:

    Previous owners utterly and completely destroyed the names of both Mongoose and Schwinn and there’s no undoing that. Whatever their legacies, they are irretrievably tarnished.

    However nicely designed or impressively spec’d, I just cannot see many willing to drop $1k on a ‘Goose, let alone more.

  5. Love my mongoose teocali great to see them make a come back from the 2013 bikes here in the uk mongooses are rare and the name is more thought of as bmxs. But in my opinion proper mongooses are good quality and good value and much better than some competitors.

  6. The problem for Mongoose in the US is that most bike shops wont want to stock it. You have a hardtail for $500, but the perception of a large number of customers is that he can get the “same” bike at Walmart for $200. Yes its not the same frame and componentry, but its tough to convince a lot of people of the difference. In other countries where Mongoose is not a big box brand they will probably be more competitive.

  7. I’m sure the well trained staff at Dick’s (or whoever for that matter) will be more than happy to help you adjust your suspension after they get done assembling the adjustable basketball goal. And their certified mechanics (if service is even offered) will be ready to give you top notch builds and adjustments. I understand that these companies are offering a price that is lower than other proper bike brands, but it comes at the expense of supporting an LBS and simply getting a better bike. If you’re going to spend that much in the first place, then then extend your budget a little and get a lot more than just some slightly nicer parts on an inferior frame from a conglomerate that’s back-dooring the industry. Rant over. Sorry

  8. Guy, guilt trips such as yours keep reasonable people of good will out of LBS’s. It’s not convincing at all, just sounds like a sales pitch. Bigger brands and distributors shaft small shops, too. Independent bike shops are not immune from having incompetent, uninformed, annoying employees, just like the big box chain stores. I’m not saying don’t go to them, just don’t assume that it’s all good before you know who you’re dealing with. I would especially emphasize this point with mountain bikes, because I have found many bike shops to be full of road bikers who actively discourage mountain biking, the sales of mountain bikes, and fun in general. They will kick mountain bikers (with cash in hand, ready to spend on parts and accessories they need) out of their stores to suck up to a window shopping lawyer who never rode a real bike, and will never buy one from them anyway. Then they get bitter over people going to wal-mart, never questioning why.

  9. some of the brands “backdooring” the industry are the biggest brands in the industry. halo bikes, $1500 “urban” bikes, getting the media to convince people that $2000 for full suspension is a starter quality, et cetera. retreading an argument john burke put forth on the trek dealer site complaining about cannondale isn’t going to change that. support who you can stomach, and who you can afford. if there’s any truly “guilty party” in all this, it’s the broader system. capitalism and all that. i think we all wish the bike industry was immune from supply-side economics, but, sadly, we are not. in the end, we are simply purveyors of durable goods. demand will decide who actually gets the money; this “budget” downhiller will not. it’s just a bike.

  10. I have a Teocali, it’s a great bike! I have ridden many bikes and the mongoose free drive system is up there with the best.
    Yes they sell big store boxed bikes with the same branding which is a mistake as the pro mongooses are awesome and at a very very good price point. Easily as good as snything else on the market. Just look at som Chris Akrigg videos to see what can be done with them and how durable, light, awesome they are.
    I have ridden mongoose for a couple if years now and I can’t see myself moving away from them

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