Harping the style of their Rambler and Vandal backpacks, Mission Workshop is developing new Trail Packs with room for a hydration reservoir. It doesn’t matter that we’re still trying to figure out where they fit in between full on commuter packs and lightweight mountain bike packs, we want one. No official word on when they’ll be available, but expect more details soon.

Hit the break for another image and some fresh feminine goods from Cedar Cycling…



Cedar Cycling makes some damn fine merino wool jerseys, and now they’re introducing a women’s cut. We reviewed the men’s cut here, and this looks like it’ll carry over the same performance and features. Hit up the teaser site to get on the mailing list and save 10% with a pre-order.



  1. Not feeling the mission workshop packs. They look like they’d sit awkwardly and also be hot on your lower back. Would you have to unroll the top to get into it, and then dig around to find anything? And holy shit are their normal backpacks expensive.

    I guess it would look great alongside your $200 rapha merino wool jersey, if that’s how you roll. 🙂

  2. @Matt

    They are expensive but, well made in usa. You get what you pay for.

    Otherwise, hydratation packs suck. I’ll stay with my bottles and cages

  3. I’ve got one of their current backpacks and it fits extremely well, and from the looks of things you should have easy access to small stuff (food, tools, etc.) via zippered pockets. Your going to sweat with anything on your back at any rate. These guys pack a ton of flexibility into their bags so your not limited to what can be carried. Expensive? Yes. Great product? Probably so.

  4. I’m curious to see the back-facing side. Being made in the USA is great and all but they tend to miss out on the more ergonomic Asian-sourced molded foam shapes to sit against your back. I have a Rambler bag and the quality is great though so I’m psyched to check these out. $200 might be pricey but better than getting several $80 bags that blow up.

    @boubou bottles and cages on your mountain bike? Long ride much?

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