If you aren’t familiar with World Bicycle Relief they do exactly what their name suggests: provide bicycles to those who truly need them in parts of the world where people powered transportation is the only reliable transportation.  For example, they provide bikes to 50,000 students in rural Africa who live too far from a school to be able to attend without a bicycles; they provide bikes to healthcare workers so they can visit patients more often and transport supplies more efficiently, etc.  They even contribute to the economy through microfinance, and to the environment through their Trees-For-Bikes program in which kids can earn a bicycle by planting and caring for 150 saplings.




  1. What a ridiculous comment from Max, firstly who cares if you are going to show this to your children?! secondly… really?! because the images show people not wearing helmets? do you cover their eyes if someone rides past without a helmet on?

    That aside World Bike Relief is an amazing charity doing amazing things, genuinely changing lives and helping people.
    Everyone has there opinions on the big super companies, love ’em or hate ’em but massive props for Trek supporting them. Any help they can get from the big boys can only help.

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