Brodie Bikes Monster

Over the past few weeks Canadian manufacturer Brodie Bikes has been tantalizing their social media followers with carefully cropped spy shots of their new 2014 line up. Fed up with the teasing, we went straight to the source.

Jump past the break for the exclusive details on the versatile new Brodie Monster. 

Brodie Front Tire ClearanceThis bike is all options. From the 700x40c tires pictured to a 2.2″ 650B setup, this franken green frame will swallow it all, and will be sold in three different variations – CX/Touring (pictured here), a full rigid single speed mountain bike, and 650b trail shredder with a 100mm travel fork.

Brodie Bikes Fork
Rack, rack, city bike.

Front and rear, the fender sporting, pannier toting, rack crowd will be pleased.

Brodie Bikes DrivetrainThe complete Monster will retail for $1,699 and is smartly spec’d with a full Shimano drivetrain and the excellent Hayes CX5 mechanical discs.

Brodie Bikes Monster Dropouts
The production frame will feature rack mounts on the rear dropout

Sliding dropouts allow the frame to easily be converted to single speed.

Brodie Bikes Tire ClearanceThe bike will come stock with 40c tires with clearance to spare.


Size Seat Tube (C-T) Top Tube (horiz) Head Angle Seat Angle Chainstay Wheelbase BB Height H/T Length
S 460 540 69° 73° 425-450 1039 305 / -45 110
M 500 575 69° 72.5° 425-450 1054 305 / -45 140
L 550 600 69° 72° 425-450 1068 305 / -45 175

Monster Spec

Brodie Monster SpecInterested in the golden green beast? Availability for the Monster, rigid single speed MTB, and 650B hardtail this October.

To view the existing 2013 lineup, visit


  1. Big Crow-not at all. Fargo is specifically an adventure touring 29er that can take big tires and is built for one specific use.

    This is more monster cross (great fb page on the genre here: Tire pictured is a 40c. Looks like at best a 45c Panaracer Firedcross could be squeezed in. Total fit of the definition of Monstercross.

    But it’s not just a Monstercross:
    -singlespeed option in sliding dropouts
    -650b bike mountain bike with a swap of the wheels

    This is a very adaptable frame that should be a welcome addition to their dealers showroom floors as there are many ways to build this up. Kudos too to Brodie for seeing the Monstercross potential.

  2. Relax Dougmint… Effective TT is in fact 540, 575 and 600mm for respective sizes. Just a small editors bug with copy/paste feature 🙂

    You do not think that HA is 600 don’t you?


  3. @Ivan, thanks for cutting me some slack! Just updated the geo chart. A 600 degree headtube angle might be a little rough.

    @Viccity It might just be the angle of the photo, but it doesn’t look like the rear triangle is out of alignment – I’d bet that rear wheel is just slightly out of dish.

    – Saris

  4. Thanks everyone for the positive feedback.

    @Sevo, you nailed it, looking to create an adaptable frame and utilizing new wheel technology to enable it! We’ve been building weird monster cross bikes in the warehouse for a while, glad to put something to market!

    @viccity, we took the photos quickly on a crooked back-dock, so sorry if things look a bit askew. Frame and wheels are just fine.

    Thanks for putting this sneak peek together, Saris!

    matt at Brodie Bikes.

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