Jelly Belly Sport Beans Recovery Crisps

Adding to their easily pocketable and accessible nutrition line up, Jelly Bell is expanding into recovery with their new Protein Crisps. Formulated to help rebuild muscle and replenish carbohydrates for energy, the Recovery crisps combine two different protein sources – whey and pea. You’ll find the pea protein in the crispy center, which is easy to digest, lacks allergens, and offers essential amino acids. The crispy center is covered in a layer of whey protein and then sealed with a protective shell to keep them from becoming one giant lump in the package.

The Recovery crisps are offered in three flavors – Chocolate, Vanilla, and Berry Smoothie, and are available in 1.5 oz packages. Each package offers 10g of protein and are gluten free, peanut free, OUD Kosher certified.

Full nutrition and ingredients after the break.

Jelly Belly Sport Beans Recovery Crisps Ingredients

The above information is for the vanilla flavor, for the chocolate and Berry Smoothie info, check out


  1. I have tasted these, and they are even more disgusting than they sound. Unless you like slightly sweet, stale malt balls.

  2. Fiddling with a bag full of jelly beans doesn’t sound very appealing during or immediately after a ride.

    I think I’ll wait for PEZ to jump into this market.

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