K-Edge’s recently announced Pro Garmin Mount generated a lot of interest, and now we have two of the very first units out of the CNC machines. The mount eschews the trends toward less expensive plastic mounts in favor of a rock solid, machined aluminum piece with a lifetime warranty. It is, however, the first time K-Edge has collaborated with an external party to produce a non-alloy bit. Sales manager Tim Kelley explains:

“We partnered with a local Boise, Idaho injection molding expert.  They’re high tech production guys, and hence they scoffed at the other “plastic” mounts we showed them as “extremely basic in material and production.”  So they remind us of, well, us.  They’re quite proud and head stong and take huge pride in what they do very well.   It’s part of the reason we decided to make this first step into a non-aluminum, non-K-EDGE machined, part.”

The benefit is having interchangeable and rotateable mounting platforms, letting the same piece work with Garmins numerically ranging from the Edge 200 up to the 910XT and everything in between. Twist ‘n’ click past the break for more…


Minimal packaging includes the mount and required bolts.


The mounting bit for the computer bolts in, and by unscrewing and rotating it, it’ll work with a wider range of Garmin units. Kelley’s made it no secret they’ll be doing mounts for other computers as demand dictates.


System weight is 32g.


One of the improvements is a very firm and quite satisfying ‘click’ when the computer goes in. Small raised sections nestle into the holes on the back of the computer to keep it locked in place.


Here’s what it looks like on the bike.


And here’s how it looks with the computer:




It puts the computer face nice and low, even with the larger Garmin units. We’ll be putting miles on it this summer and report back. Want one of your own? They’re shipping now for $49.99 each, available at K-Edge.com.



  1. “the other “plastic” mounts we showed them as “extremely basic in material and production.”

    Should we also mention that they’re lighter, cheaper and work just as well?

  2. It would be nice to see a shim made for any of these mounts so retro-grouches or people who have a classic bike in the stable can mount one on a 26.0 bar. A beer can shim isn’t always classy.

  3. “…work with Garmins numerically ranging from the Edge 200 up to the 910XT and everything in between.” I might be wrong, but it doesn’t look like it will work with the 305/705 models. Would be great if it did.

  4. Looks like the computer is hanging out in space? $50 seems pricey, when SRAM and Bar Fly have $20-25 offerings, and the new Bar Fly has 2 positions and Di2/EPS integration.

  5. I know it’s kind of hard to believe, but not every product is made with each of you in mind personally. Yes, the K-Edge mount is expensive—much more so than the Bar Fly. However, it’s also a very high-quality piece of kit. Can’t stomach the extra expense? No problem. You’ll be glad to know that Bar Fly has a product for you.

    Why buy an M3 when a Honda Civic is “lighter, cheaper and works just as well”? Depending on your criteria and need, that might be true. In the meantime, I think it’s safe to let market forces decide what’s viable and what’s not.

    No affiliation with K-Edge at all, just a guy who reads the comments.

  6. @Scott: Have you seen what Bar Fly’s “Di2/EPS integration” means? It’s a zip tie and some double-sided tape. Neither of which are included, of course.

  7. I have one of the older k edge mounts and the only issue is that in the event of a crash, happened to me a month ago, the breaking point happens at the computer instead of the mount. I’d rather fork out forty bucks for a new mount rather than $300 for a new 510. The mount was undamaged in the wreck but the Garmin ended up busted. My next mount will likely be a plastic one just for that simple reason.

  8. Any chance I could trade in my old K-Edge for the new? Like @joepete, broke my Garmin mounts in a pretty non-tramatic impact 🙁

  9. @J.R.

    I don’t have a problem with more mounts on the market, but your comparison fails because the Honda Civic DOESN’T work just as well as the M3 unless your sole measuring metric is economy. These mounts are meant to do a single job, and they all do that job about as well as the other.

    I also take issue with the manufacturer’s claim that all the other mounts are “simple.” Exactly, that’s what makes them great. Whereas the Barfly has one area of failure not related to crashing, the single hex bolt; I see about 5 areas where this mount could fail. It adds 3 hex bolts, and a plastic mount inside of an aluminum piece.

    Over engineered doesn’t always mean better engineered. How about they just come out and say, hey, this mount is anodized aluminum, and if you want anodized aluminum, this is the mount for you.

  10. Working in a shop that designs for both machining of aluminum alloy and injection molding, the CNC parts are most definitely more expensive to manufacture. Typically, at least 6x the cost for quantities in the hundreds. For these mounts, it’s likely much more than that due to number of operations and fixtures these would need. Add in low volume and $50 is a very reasonable cost for what they’re producing. Sure, you can buy a plastic variant for less. Go for it. Comparing the plastic variant to this one is no more “apples to apples” than comparing a Honda to a BMW. In the end, they do the same thing – carry your *** to your destination. Some folks find more joy in using a top quality product than having a few extra bills in their pocket and vice-versa. That doesn’t make anyone wrong or right or wiser than not.

    I’m glad to see they chose the route of the plastic insert for this simply for the reasons stated about pertaining to crashes. I’d be interested to know the relevant strength of the plastic insert in comparison to the Garmin body. Hopefully it’s designed to break before the Garmin does – which is the reason why I didn’t buy the earlier iteration. I’d make one myself if I could do it for less than what K-edge is asking for theirs….but I can’t for a quantity of one.

  11. We appreciate your feedback, all of you. We are sorry that we put all our focus on getting these mounts produced and failed to have our website ready on time. We’re, self proclaimed, bad marketing guys. It will be updated by the official launch of these on July 1st. This is when your local bike shops will be able to get them for you, and of course your local bike shop is the best place to check them out in person and buy one.

  12. Who cares about the reason or economy–it’s a hot mount for a high-end device. What’s $50 if you have the cash to buy a new 510/810? Those bolts aren’t a point of failure because they’re supporting something that imposes an incredibly small portion of the load they’re capable of handling. They’re all acting in tension–the strongest vector of force for threaded fasteners. If you’re worried about damage to the Garmin use the stock mount. Go K-Edge!

  13. Lou- Totally agree on that last paragraph. Couldn’t agree more. Just say you made it because it’s cool and people will pay more for cool stuff.

    Mocking plastic for being basic in material and production shows lack of insight. Especially when they use a plastic piece in their own design. If it’s so inferior, why isn’t that mounting piece aluminum? Quality vs cost it’s a pretty dang good material.

    Aluminum is too basic of a production material for me. It’s been around longer than plastic. What I want is a mount made of a NITINOL cage. That way it’s metal and flexy in case of a crash and takes a much more complicated process to make. The interchangeable mount piece needs to be a gel composite.

  14. I guess I am too busy riding fast and watching whats coming up. Never have I thought, wow I wish I could see my computer better. I must be doing something wrong. What the heck is going on that actually requires a better view of the Garmin? Just seems like unnecessary stuff sticking out. With that being said, its a nice bit of machine work.

  15. This bracket is going to make my Mongoose that I bought at Walmart so awesome.
    Will this bracket be available at WalMart?

  16. I don’t like how the Garmin seems to sit out in space. Looks kinda goofy. I guess it would look better with the 800.

  17. K-Edge, if you want a customer for life, please make a mount for cateye.
    I can’t see anyone else with one…(I’m not counting the barfly one, I’ve been waiting half a year for them to come to the UK, still nothing).

  18. This bracket is obsolete now that 3T has a stem with a built in Garmin mount.
    And for only $380! What a deal !!!
    If this $50 bracket is good….a $380 one must be awesome!

  19. The Mount Is Nice And Shiny. But Come On Now, ROFL. Especially Since The New Version
    Has A Plastic Insert.

    They’re high tech production guys, and hence they scoffed at the other “plastic” mounts we showed them as “extremely basic in material and production.”

  20. I have the first generation K-Edge mount and love it for how rock solid it keeps the computer. I noticed with the other mounts that vibrations always caused the screen to be shaking and although I could read it, that motion really bothered me. That does not happen with the K-Edge. At the same time, I’ve always been worried about the strength of the mount vs. the Garmin as outlined by a few people before me. If the new one is as solid from a vibration standpoint as the old one, I’m in, if not…booo.

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