Photo submitted by Rob, “The retro pic [on Monday] gave me the idea to send this one in. This is my brother Jeff jumping our Kawasaki BMX machine off of our back porch in Hackettstown, NJ, circa 1978.”

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  1. although the Kawasaki BMXer was way more capable than the Yammie Moto Bike of the day, I still managed to snap that thing in half after repeated full bore jumps from a ramp in the back yard!

  2. He indeed stuck that landing, numerous times, as did I. I couldn’t tell you how many bike frames and wheels got broken from launching off of that porch. As shreddr said above, that particular bike met it’s demise shortly after this pic. I actually broke a Skyway Tuff Wheel after many launches, which was pretty hard to do. It was an awesome time to be a kid though.

  3. Cool!

    Useless info: those aluminum Kawasaki frames were built by Bill Bastian. The bikes his shop made back then include Race Inc, foiler, Spoiler, Cycle Pro, Laguna, and the infamous SERacing “PK RIPPER”, among a few others.

    He pioneered welded aluminum bicycle frames.

    Nice picture.

  4. Awesome pic, brings back memories. We used to take the metal slide off our swing set, set it flat on the sidewalk and with the short upturned section at the end we could launch decent air. Sadly no pics.

  5. This pic brings back huge memories – I instantly recognized the bike. I had this Kawasaki in the mid-70s and used to huck it off everything in site…until it epically failed into about 4 pieces. This led to a nice Diamondback, but that’s another story.

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