Photo submitted by Dustin Mealor, “Here’s a picture from one of the best views in Northeast Georgia. The climb up is rough, but it’s well worth it! This is near Toccoa, Georgia. It’s actually very close to Camp Toccoa, which is the site of the 101st Airborne Division the TV series “Band of Brothers” was based on. Hope you enjoy!”

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  1. You have to understand the spot really. It’s a very popular place for questionables to make themselves “known” to one another if you get my drift. There have been some interesting stories come from guys climbing Currahee. Check out the strava segment if you want to see the elevational profile of it. Just explore near Toccoa, Georgia and you’ll see it. It’s a booger of a climb!

  2. What are “questionables”: bent riders; Dorothy Rabinowitz; people with wheels laced with twisted spoke patterns?

  3. Hey…this is the same management area where I once saw a dude driving an early 90’s Camaro with two young ladies parked at a waterfall where a hiking/biking trail comes out. One was in a bikini, was of the modular housing unit demographic-looking. The other was most likely of the same demographic, but was about 350lbs. and buck-naked *shudders…

  4. @jerry – that spot is near the top of a 3 mile climb up a rough gravel road. Teenagers, etc. drive up there and put paint down sometimes. This has been going on for many years. Don’t judge Georgia by some kid’s painting names on a rock. It truly is a great area with some great mountain biking and road riding. The area has enormous historical importance with Camp Toccoa. Come visit NE Georgia for yourself!

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