With Stan’s teasing then releasing a thru axle rear hub for singlespeeds, American Classic wanted us (and you) to know they’ve had one for quite some time. Two options, actually. From left to right, you’ve got the American Classic 10mm thru axle QR upgrade with 10mm thru axle single speed disc hub, standard QR thru axle hub, and the 12mm x 142mm thru axle hub. All shown on their Singlespeed Disc Hub.

Each hub comes with spacers and an 18 tooth cog and lockring. You can run up to five pinned gears (i.e. partial cassette) on this hub or a single cog with a shoulder. Base weight is 244 grams without spacers, QR, lockring or cog. Retail with your choice of axle standards is $305, and the 10mm thru axle QR is $30 more. Already got the hub? the thru axle conversion kit for either 10mm QR or 142×12 is $35.


  1. But is it symmetric?

    Singlespeed rear disc hubs are the perfect place to build a symmetric hub making for a bombproof wheel, yet I only found two suitable hubs when I built my wheelset.

    Hope has equal flange spacing but different bolt circle diameters. Sun Ringle Dirty Flea is the same. Chris Kings, not symmetric. DT Swiss 240S, not symmetric. Only ones I found were the Halo XCS and the Hadley. Too bad the Hadley was double the cost and 50% heavier.

  2. Probably coming out at the same time because the hubs are made at the same place in Taiwan. Not even trying to be funny here, looking at them they probably are made in the same factory. Not many companies make high end hubs.

    Still cool. 🙂

  3. Sorry, but I’ll never allow another American Classic product on my bike after one of their seat posts cracked and caused me to crash. Took two surgeries to pin me back together and the company could care less.

    P.S. Apologies. I mistakenly posted this comment in the story about the FSA cranks.

  4. @gaz

    Products break dude. Whose to say you didn’t over tighten something? Or a heavy sweater? Or that is 100 years old? Specialized and all major companies have had wheels fall apart, handlebars snap off, blah blah blah. Its called insurance for both the company and the individual. Stuff happens. I’m sorry you got hurt, I’ve crashed and gotten hurt, it sucks – but seriously what does this have to do with single speed hubs?

    You should probably just stick to driving, accidents never happen with cars. 🙂

  5. Sevo,

    Regardless of the factory in which they’re made, the American Classic hubs have an altogether unique (excluding licensed WTB hubs) freehub mechanism. They may look similar, but the freehubs and shells are quite different.


  6. I ended up returning my AC front hub before lacing after I found out I had to use a reinforcing ring around the rotor bolts. It just put up a big red flag in my book. I later found out from AC tech support that we don’t share the same philosophy on bike parts, so like gaz, AC parts will never go on my bikes.

  7. @Haywood

    “after I found out I had to use a reinforcing ring around the rotor bolts. It just put up a big red flag in my book. ”

    You only have to use that ring if you are using a rotor that doesn’t follow the design of the international six bolt standard concept. Spindly fingered rotors are improperly design for that standard. Heaven forbid you would add literally 5 grams of non-rotational weight to your poorly designed rotor to ensure your safety…

    What happens is that the calipers are quite strong for a 70 gram rotor. You grab your brake then dump your weight into it and it twists that small finger part that mounts to the hub, once off axis it then pulls on the bolts with your weight and gravity which it wasn’t designed for.

    I would say a “Big Red Flag” for the rotor designers and also other companies that never even say anything. As a larger rider I’m glad they note that. I’ve use the rotor ring and it works great.

    There is no way you could tell me you could feel 10 total grams added to your bike. I hope you make sure and fart before you ride too.

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