Ringtool Compact Multi-Tool

Raise of hands – who has a bottle opener on their key chain? Thought so. What if that bottle opener was also a multi-tool? One that had most of everything you could need on a simple bike ride, had no moving parts, and was nice and compact? If you like the sound of that, you may want to check out the Ringtool – an extremely compact, simple, 9 function multi-tool.

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Ringtool Compact Multi-Tool 3

Due to how small and compact the Ringtool is, there will certainly be situations where it is difficult to use, but for the majority of trail side adjustments like raising/lowering your seat, adjusting the bar, etc. it looks more than adequate. Crafted from hardened and tempered stainless steel, the Ringtool is built for a lifetime of adjustments, or beers, whichever comes first. The tool is definitely not meant as a replacement for more serious rescue tools that have built in chain tools and such, but as an always-there-when-you-need-it helper. Perhaps one of its best features – it is TSA approved.

Ringtool is currently on Kickstarter (yes, another Kickstarter project), and is almost halfway to its goal of $10,000 with 23 days to go. Ringtools are available from $25-40 depending on the model, with the cheapest version actually getting some updates like a spoke wrench. Jon’s reasoning for offering the most updated tool for the lowest price is that customers will have to wait longer for that model compared to the first run for $30. Ringtool will be manufactured in the US if funding is secured.

Ringtool Compact Multi-Tool 2

Improvements/changes to the prototype include extended tool heads, and the removal of the 2mm hex wrench.

-Bottle-cap opener
-3mm Hexhead
-4mm Hexhead
-5mm Hexhead
-6mm Hexhead
-8mm Hexhead
-Flathead Driver
-Phillips Driver
-Torxhead T25 Driver



  1. Seriously, it’s time for an intervention. BikeRumor, you have a problem with KickStarter. It’s time to come clean and quit.

    And the body is too bulky and nonmovable to really be useful on a lot of bolts. Example: you can’t use it on a seat post clamp bolt, it will hit the post.

  2. @nathan you do realize it’s an emergency tool and you don’t really need to make full turns with it? It’s for minor adjustments, not for serious repair in your shop.

    That said, BR should seriously STOP reporting everything that is going on on Kickstarter! I’m totally fed up with this and it seems I’m not the only one…

  3. Ritchey CPR-9 Lightweght Multi-tool has been out for a long time. i have one on every bike. they work great on the go and is 65g. cheaper and more tools too

  4. Only victims of modern education use kickstarter. Let me invest in a company and get neither a claim on the business (debt) or ownership (equity), just gimme a product.

    Sad state of affairs. The end truly is near.

  5. If you want a single piece multitool, the Park MT1 has a much more useful shape plus some box end wrenches for hex nuts. Of course it doesn’t include a bottle opener and is at least 15 years old which hurts its hipster cred. I have 4 park MT1s scattered across the family bike fleet because they are cheap simple and easy to pack.

  6. Au contraire, bring more inventive bikey goodness from Kickstarter and others! Far more interesting than yet another fancy carbon bike 99% of the readers can’t afford.

  7. Anyone can make a tiny tool. So far no one has made a tiny tool with any leverage. So you’ve got all these hex wrenches but you can’t get enough leverage on the tool to actually loosen or tighten any of the bolts on your bike. Lame.

  8. I for one love that BR posts stuff from kickstarter. It saves me the time of searching there myself. BR is about all bike news not just the coolest stuff from the big brands. I love that equal time is given to those who are just starting out and these days it’s mostly coming from kickstarter.

    I really dig the concept as well. I’m only wondering how pocket friendly it would be on my keys. I would definitely try it out and then re-gift it if I don’t like it. Here’s to supporting innovative thought.

  9. Does anyone else get annoyed with bottle openers on tools? i honestly can’t remember the last time I used a keychain bottle opener, and they just waste space on the tool generally

  10. Seraph, put a stick through the ring and you’ll have enough leverage to crack your campy seat post.

    I’d rather see kickstarter projects than Di2 hacks.

  11. If you need a special tool to open your bottles, you aren’t very good in thinking creatively. I’m looking at my shop wall, and I see 100+ tools I could – and have – use to open a bottle, yet only one was designed for that – the Maillard Helicomatic tool.

  12. I don’t get why some hate Kickstarter so much. This tool is pretty clever. Use it with a tire lever and you have your leverage, and who doesn’t carry tire levers? I’m signing up.

  13. Did I miss something? Is it now required that people who hate Kickstarter projects have to read Bike Rumor articles about Kickstarter projects? Surely, that can’t be so. With no login required, I would think visitors to BR would be able to avoid the things they dislike or hate just by not clicking on and reading those things.

    I don’t think this tool is intended to be heavy duty tool to match the abilities of larger multitools. Instead it seems like it might be a pretty good “get me home” tool, which is something that a lot of commuters and casual riders might want. Remember, the person wielding a tool, needs to be sure that tool is the right tool for the job at hand. That’s not the tool’s job.

  14. everyone commenting is worried about leverage on the allen wrenches, i’m rather more worried about leverage on the bottle opener itself

  15. Way to many people getting upset and picking on everything about this nifty little product.

    I want it purely because its cool someone has put some thought into and it would sell to normal people who don’t cry over spilt milk.

  16. Seriously, what is it with all those companies adding a darned bottle opener to each and every part? you can open a bottle with just about anything you find around yourself, why carry such a useless tool?

  17. Thats one small bend over to pick up your beer bottle cap away from a femoral artery puncture and death….

    no thanks

  18. @MattHolland @Jonelles I agree. No one needs to carry a bottle opener. Knowing how to pop the cap off a beer bottle using another bottle is a basic skill. Teach your friends.

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