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Curious about carbon? In an attempt to address customer’s concerns and questions regarding the black magic, East West Bikes is hosting a “Night of Carbon” this Friday with a ride, demo, and symposium with carbon experts. Those experts? That would be the founder of Parlee, Bob Parlee, Jason Schiers – the co-founder of Enve, and Don Guichard who is the head of Cervelo Project California. Can’t make it out to Fullerton, CA for the show? There will be a live webcast of the event available (probably through their site, we’re trying to get more info) with questions able to be submitted through Twitter @EastWestBikes. To RSVP to attend the event in person, make sure to head over to the EWB Facebook page.

Check past the break for profiles of the three keynote speakers.

From EWB:

Bob Parlee – Parlee

Stemming from his background in fluid dynamics and carbon manufacturing, Bob Parlee started Parlee Cycles in 2000. Using the principles of artistic expression through craftsmanship and meticulous detail in layup and building processes, Parlee has become an industry pioneer in frame design, receiving many industry “firsts” with the first sub-800 gram frame and developing the first fully customizable carbon frameset.

Jason Schiers – Edge to Enve

Ever since founder Jason Schiers started Edge Composites, the company has embodied a simple, yet influential goal of building the strongest and best wheels and components on the market. Enve’s technologies have proven to deliver real ride performance as the company has seen exponential growth since the brand launched in 2007. Enve composites continues to push the envelope on innovation through their in-house design, manufacturing, and testing facility in Ogden, UT.

Don Guichard – Cervelo Project California

Since 1996, Cervelo has become synonymous in the bike world with light and aero. Cervelo has become an industry leader in innovation for the Triathlon and road markets. Cervelo’s latest project, the RCA, was developed and is produced in California and is  the new pinnacle of aerodynamic/lightweight road machines.



  1. Is is too much to ask that the approximate location be included in the post? This event is in Southern California. Sure, Google is my friend, but location is a basic and relevant bit of information to include.

  2. Sorry JasonK, thought it was pretty clear the event is being held at East West Bikes in Fullerton, CA. There are links to the store’s site and the actual Facebook RSVP page (which you should visit if you are planning to go), both of which have the exact location listed.

  3. Hi Zach,

    The article seems to assume that we should all know where East West Bikes is. With that name, it’s pretty ambiguous. Yes, there’s plenty of information in the article you can use to figure it out. My argument is that you shouldn’t have to. Have you guys thought about including a dateline in your posts?

    At any rate, thanks for responding.

  4. If a Genie granted me three wishes, one would be to eliminate certain people’s “everything should be done for me” mentality.

  5. Yes Zach, I agree with JasonK. Can you also include turn by turn directions for me? You really should for all your faithful readers.


  6. This is a great bike shop on Harbor in Downtown Fullerton. Great staff, very helpful shop for serious riders! Worth the drive across LA!

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