From pro ripper and filmmaker Darcy Turenne and the crew at Dakine comes this look at something we’ve all probably seen if not experienced.


  1. I wanted this to be funny. Unfortunately I thought all it did was alienate a large population of the cycling demographic. Poor taste.

  2. My wife got mad at me for giving away her bike she never used and didn’t like.
    She now has a newer one she doesn’t use or like either.

  3. Bclarson: so you’re saying that when non-cyclists (the significant others parodied in the film) watch this they are alienated from cycling? Maybe you’re too fast for me, but I am just not keeping up with that logic.

    Or are you instead saying that hardcore cyclists watching the film will now see things from the perspective of their significant other and hang up the bike out of sympathy? Who is being alienated by watching the film? People who don’t ride a bike already, or those that do ride a bike but somehow never knew their partner didn’t enjoy it?

  4. I find it interesting that nobody in the comments or apparently at the office @bikerumor recognized that “that guy” is a professional freeride mountain biker, best known for his sequences in films by “the collective,” and competitions like the Redbull Rampage. Knowing that he is a pro, makes the video even more hilarious in my opinion.

  5. If one wants to hurt feelings and bruise egos, there is NO weapon quite equal to the truth.
    very funny and smart video.

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