Photo submitted by Kristjan O. Kristjanss, “This pic was taken in Borgarfjordur in Iceland during the WOW-Cyclothon that started June 19 and ended on the 21st. The race is around Iceland (1332km or 827,6 miles) in less than 72 hrs. This pic was taken during the night, about 02:00 am, but the sun never sets during summer in Iceland 🙂 The team consists of 4 riders and two drivers :)”

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  1. Ah Iceland! Most amazing place I’ve been to out of the 6 continents I’ve visited. We were there over the solstice. Sun was so high in the sky at midnight. Bucket list dream is to bike or motorcycle around the island.

  2. Just got back from Iceland. Didn’t know that was going on but did see some cyclist out riding. These guys are strong as they always ride with a heavy wind and some rain. Great country!

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