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Poking around Park City before the official start of Press Camp this afternoon, we came across the Turner crew- and a fleet of shiny looking Flux.  For 2014, the US-made Flux is moving to the same 27in wheels as the excellent Burner.  A cross-country or trail rider’s all ’rounder with 120mm of travel and a .75lb weight savings over the 140mm, 7lb Burner.  In a first for the company, the reborn Flux is also making use of hydroformed tubing for increased standover and fork clearance.  More details after the jump…

Bent tubing is a Turner first
Bent tubing is a Turner first


Tapered steerer in a straight head tube keeps the front end low.
Tapered steerer in a straight head tube keeps the front end low.
Replaceable anchors in the post-type caliper mount
Replaceable anchors in the post-type caliper mount
Fully enclosed cabling
Fully enclosed cabling
Solid 142x12mm thru axle rear hub


The New Turner Flux 27.5

Murietta, Calif. (June 24, 2013)

High performance bicycle designer and manufacturer Turner Bicycles reintroduces the Flux with 27.5 inch wheels aimed at the avid xc trail rider. This American made bike incorporates 6061 aluminum and solidifies Turner Suspension Bicycles’ long standing tradition of superb handling, uncompromised quality and dw-link efficiency.

The new Flux 27.5 has been completely redesigned from the ground up to take your pursuit for exceptional trail riding further & faster than ever before. It now features 27.5 inch wheels to get that perfect balance of trail dominating control and the playful agility for technical twisty singletrack. Its slacker head angle and lower bb contribute to a package that will eat up every foot of trail without sacrificing the nimble traits of its xc lineage. The updated dw-link kinematics tuned specifically for the 27.5 inch wheels of the Flux ensure that eats up terrain while maintaining pedaling efficiency. Travel has been bumped up to 120 millimeters with an all new shaped tubeset to save weight and be torsionally stiffer. The new Flux 27.5 is not simply a rehash of old ideas; this machine is a perfect example of xc trail bike evolution!

Led by rider and racer David Turner, Turner Bicycles has been making high performance full-suspension mountain bikes since 1994. We’ve earned our winning reputation by delivering performance, pedaling efficiency, and reliability, and have a large following of devoted Turner Riders who have come to rely on the progressive evolution of our bikes and our exceptional customer service. Turner Bicycles has been at the forefront of suspension bike technologies with our Burner, Stinger, Nitrous, RFX, Flux, Highline, and Sultan, among others. At Turner Bicycles, we ride what we build, so we design and build quality without compromise.

For more information either call us at (951) 677-1711 or visit us at

Turner’s Flux page


  1. Is that a 90 degree seat tube? These metal, boutique full suspension bikes look like tanks these days. So glad I dumped my Banshee for a carbon santa cruz.

  2. Yeah Dave, . . . we don’t give a rats a** how it rides or anything important. We just wanna look good when we’re out on the trail, so everyone thinks we’re super gnar in the dirt, even if we can’t ride they’ll be impressed at how the bike looks

  3. The steep seat angle is a bit of an illusion as the rear wheel is elevated on a small rock.

    I also LOVE elevated chainstays – silent drivetrain and so much easier to clean. Will be super-stealthy silent with XX1-type chainring and a clutch rear derailleur.

    My only question – why does it weigh 6.25 lbs with shock? My Santa Cruz Superlight (in reality, only kinda-light) has a 5.5 lbs frame with shock (although only 100mm travel).

    So close, but STILL no aluminum (or even carbon) XC-race-able 650 FS frames (except conversions). Maybe a carbon Flux in the future?

  4. Thrilled to see a 120mm 650b bike. Thrilled to see an aluminum dwlink bike. I will not echo the poignant comments above regarding aesthetics, but I will focus on the positive… the Czar is beautiful. The Czar looks are what we want. We know you can do it.

  5. American built, nice welding, thoughtful detailing….. Amazing how Ducati’s and KTM’s have some of the most beautiful bikes in world and they have round steel tube frames.

  6. ditto with Steve M on the welding and round tube frames. Nice to see an American made
    frame with the excellent DW suspension.

  7. @ bin judgin – I’ve likely owned more “nice bikes” than you’ve actually ridden. I’m on the Superlight as it’s one of the only light-ish FS bikes that can be easily converted. And, in reality, it’s a nice bike too.

    I’m only pointing out that there still isn’t a lightweight XC race FS option for 650b. Plenty of mid-travel 6-8 lbs. frames already, no lack of those.

    If you’d ever care to compare race resumes, I’m all in.

  8. Thank you for the fabrication compliments! They are fun to build 😉 Posted some more photos on our Facebook page.

  9. Looks like the comments were cleaned up a bit, so just for clarification, my earlier comment was in answer to a pointed comment (now deleted). Feel free to delete my last comment if you feel it necessary.

  10. There it is! There’s my next bike! Been waiting for a Flux 650b w/ 120mm for the past couple of years. I knew they would build it. I will say that I liked the look of the Burrito more but I guess lighter is better and every manufacturer needs to change up there look a little every now and then… just as long as it is still stiff.

  11. Luv your bikes Dave. All I will ever buy is Turner. But damn just not so crazy about that Flux. There was nothing wrong with the 26″. Perfect bike in my opinion. I know you gotta build bikes for the sheep to stay in business. Yeah, Im going 29er with the Czar but the my DW Flux will always be in my heart.

  12. It’s a no brainer folks. If you don’t like it, don’t buy it. It’s obviously not for everyone, but for those that are familiar with the attention to detail and level of craftsmanship put into Turner bikes by both David Turner and Zen Fab, realize that the geometric abilities of this bike will far surpass any issues with the aesthetics.

  13. @ Tommy

    Well, if you’re Tom Rodgers who raced for GT etc, then of course you’re correct.

    …and hello, form the old Bikemag boards.

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