For those who appreciate the finer things in life Rapha has done it again. Celebrating one hundred editions of the world’s greatest bicycle race, Rapha presents the La Centième Print Collection. Click through to gaze upon these highly limited works of art…

Print 5 – 1954 – 1963: Yuji Yamada

Rapha has “commissioned leading illustrators and designers around the world to create a series of exclusive artworks inspired by history and culture of the world’s greatest stage race.”

Print 10 – 2004 – 2013: Jack Saunders

Each La Centième piece is limited to 100 prints making these highly collectible.

Print 4 – 1937 – 1953: Rohan Eason

The full run will be featured at Rapha’s Cycling Clubs in London, San Francisco, Osaka and Sydney throughout the month of July.

Print 7 – 1974 – 1983: David Sparshott

Each print is hand numbered and available via Rapha’s website for $75.


  1. Nice idea, but there are better posters elsewhere online.
    that first one (Mercier) is the only one I’d even consider putting on my wall.

  2. With the risk of being a pedantic curmudgeon …. Rapha make great clothes in a classic style but I find the marketing purposefully misleading. They started in 2004. The storied sponsor from the 60’s (all those sepia photos of Anquetil) was St Raphael, who in their first year had been known as Rapha to circumvent advertising/sponsorship restrictions.

    I’m not hating on Rapha, I’ve nothing against nostalgia and I absolutely believe that cycling history is interesting and important. It just feels like they’re doing the equivalent of claiming they rode for the 7Eleven team when in fact they just bought the jersey at an auction.

    Now don’t i feel better for getting that off my chest …

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