Photo submitted by cornermind, “My friend and I, in the fall of ’79 or ’80. It is in the far North suburbs of Chicago, where we grew up. My dad took the photo when we were 11-12. I am on the silver bike (Rodger DeCoster made by Mongoose). My friend’s bike is an SX100 Schwinn.”

Cornermind, Oli, Dmitry, Marc, and Hisa have a chance to win a retro TDF t-shirt from Après Vélo.


  1. Love it. I would kill to have a picture like this of me and my friends on our bikes. I was living in the Chicago ‘burbs during this time too!

  2. Great pic. Brings back memories of the same stunts on our BMX Schwinns in the ’80s around Chicago as well. I’m sure there is a plywood ramp just behind them. I just restored my old Predator with red mag wheels last summer, now it’s ready for my kids.

  3. Skyway Tuff wheels! Frame pads! (Whatever happened to those, they saved my nuts on many occasions?) And you’d always recognise a Mongoose by that brace between the top and down tubes with the hole cut out. Great stuff!

  4. Mike – same memory. I am sure this was a regular trick and I reckon I saw a picture of it in “BMX plus”.
    I am not good for the names, but there were a couple of big names back then (like a Richie Schley is today) who did it.

    Regardless – that photo is gold, and I sure wish I had something like that, although we weren’t well off enough to have a set of Tuffs back then

  5. This photo has been circulating on the internet for a while now. Who’s to say if itreally depicts cornernmind?

  6. @Ham-planet – I hate to be so cynical, but I totally agree. I first saw this probably a decade ago, on MySpace. Not that it couldn’t be the cornermind guy, but I am very suspicious. I would think cornermind would have a high-quality original scan, not a photo that’s been resized a dozen times, as this clearly has.

  7. I have other photos of me that were taken the same day, some with close-ups of my face. I also have the original photo that I scanned and the negative. It really is me and my friend.

    The ones that are circulating (Reddit, chive, etc) are doing so without my consent.

  8. Also, I first posted it to maybe 5 years ago, max. I suspect it was lifted there, but I had it as my twitter picture, so it could have been taken from there.

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