Pinarello Dogma Hydro 651 Think2 Originally spied back in May, the disc brake equipped Dogma 65.1 Hydro is getting official. Unknown to this point, is that there will actually be two disc equipped Dogmas – the Dogma 65.1 and the Dogma K. Each bike will include Pinarello’s Think2 mechanical or electronic cable system, a system that now extends to every one of their road bikes except the Razha. Both road disc Dogmas are built with 135mm rear spacing and have hydraulic specific internal routing – we assume that should still allow for mechanicals, as long as you use full housing.

Check out the disc equipped Dogma Hydro K T2, as well as Pinarello’s new full suspension Dogma XM after the break!

Pinarello Dogma Hydro KT2With the 65.1 being the race oriented frame design and geometry, discs will also be available in Pinarello’s Century Ride geometry for relaxed fit and increased comfort. The two frames are made from the same carbon, but carry a different BB standard with the 65.1 Hydro equipped with an Italian threaded BB, and the K Hydro going the PF30 route. Even though there are two disc options available, they will still be scarce as they are both special order only.

The standard Dogma K  and  Dogma 65.1 keep the Italian threaded BB as well, while the rest of the road line up are now all PF30. All of the road line with the exception of the Dogma K is now a standard 1 1/8-1 1/2″ drop in headset as well.

Pinarello Dogma 65-1 80th Anniversary

Ridley won’t be the only company with a special bike highlighting the Campagnolo 80th anniversary group. A special group from a legendary Italian component manufacturer hung on a special frame from an Italian bike company just makes sense. The 80th Anniversary Dogma is built on the 65.1 Think 2 65HM1k frame and will be special order only.

Pinarello Dogma 65-1 Black on Black80th Anniversary edition too flashy for you? Check out this stealth black on black Dogma 65.1 with both gloss and matte treatments. This one will be standard issue, but there is an almost equally blacked out Naked gloss version that is special order only.

Pinarello BolideIntroduced back in May at the Giro, the Bolide is Pinarello’s new speed weapon that was developed with Team Sky. The Bolide claims to be 15% more slippery than the Graal (which is still offered), with shrouds over the brakes, and an integrated fork/headtube/stem. The handlebar is also unique as the electronic shifting buttons are integrated (as well as the battery and electronic controllers) to further improve aerodynamics. Other changes include a removable front derailleur hanger, BB86 bottom bracket, and fully internal cable routing. Not just more aero, the new Bolide is also 5% lighter than its predecessor as well. This one is also special order only, with additional colors TBD.

Pinarello Dogma XM Suspension 3

Now, perhaps the biggest news is Pinarello getting back into full suspension mountain bikes. The Pinarello FV5 was short lived, with Pinarello only offering two hardtails for 2013. The full suspension Dogma XM looks to continue the crazy asymmetry of the Dogma XC with an interesting take on a linkage driven single pivot suspension design. Travel is set at 90mm with a Fox Factory 32 fork.

Pinarello Dogma XM Suspension 2

The shock has single sided mounts with the shock body positioned to the left of the bike. The 65Hm1K carbon frame looks to have an aluminum bracket that mounts to the left side of the BB shell that attaches to the lower shock mount, while the upper shock mount connects to the single armed rocker link.

Pinarello Dogma XM Suspension

The rear triangle is a solid piece of carbon with the brake mount tucked in the stays. We have very little on this bike other than the pictures, more when we have it. We do know it will have internal cable routing, a PF30 bottom bracket, and a standard tapered head tube with drop in bearings.



  1. As I actually went to the presentation in treviso in May, I can tell you that the new dogmas looks really neat. the fullsuspension design is different but it feels very solid. it is very italian, think FRM or something like that, it is not aimed at the aggresive trail rider, more the marathon xc rider and the fork is a 90mm custom unit from fox. It will probarly be insanly expensive! Bradley wiggins did endorse the timetravel bike by saying that u should really get the mechanical version…

  2. >It is unclear if the seat stays are designed to flex during compression or not

    “designed” may be a strong word.* But something has to flex or the rear triangle won’t move. Unless there’s a hidden pivot, I only see three. 3 points define a plane. You need at least 4 degrees of freedom for stuff to move.

    *Chill out. This is just a joke:-D

  3. What would make these bikes perfect would be if Campagnolo introduced a hydraulic braking system along with the proper brake/shift lever with EPS. One other thing I would like to see is hydraulic rim brakes on the Bolide and of course have Campagnolo do a hydraulic TT brake lever with EPS buttons. Now that would be epic.

  4. I foresee a quick appearance of aftermarket upper shock mount stiffener brackets for that suspension frame.

    That mount is just terrible. Beautiful, but terrible. And probably the work of an engineer that doesn’t actually ride…

  5. Pinarello- 1995 called and wants their lame single pivot ideas back.
    Yikes, I am embarrased to call myself Italian after seeing that bike.

  6. I can’t wait to hear what the marketing honcho’s come up with to explain why (for gods sakes WHY?) they split the shock mounts. In my experience side loads on a shock only lead to failure.

  7. Monoblade has been discussed on motorbikes since the 70’s. Conclusion is Strenght to weight ratio is exactly the same . Tony Foale did a extensive research on this . It offers package adavanteges in some designs.

    Bottom line is, it can be monoblade if it’s well designed.

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