BOS KirkFor those who haven’t been paying attention over last few months, renown French suspension manufacturer – BOS, has been making steps into the US market. Their line up of legendary enduro and downhill products have been tested under some of the worlds best riders, like Nicolas Vouilloz, but have previously been virtually impossible to purchase and service here in the states (and our cold cousin to the North.)

That’s all changed this year with their partnership with Commencal USA. Starting today, products are now available through Commencals North American Distrubutor, Seven02, and service centers are being established in central locations. In North American, forks and suspensions will be serviced in Las Vegas beginning June 24th, while Canadians can send their components to Quebec beginning early July.

Check out our coverage of the new BOS products at Sea Otter here and stay tuned for an in depth review later this year. Products are available immediately and 2014 products are available for pre order. Seven02 Sports can be reached at 702-677-0701 or by email at


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