No Words. Just wow. You’ll be showing this video to your non cycling friends for years.

UPDATE: Danny MacAskill is on Reddit now to answer any questions you have for him!


  1. Watched the preview a few weeks ago, was curious to see just what he had planned. Awesome! The guy is really just amazing.

  2. That was brilliant!

    Watching the previews I thought, “eh, another RedBull over hyped video.” But he really brought some creativity to the story and sets and riding. Well done Danny!

  3. Amazing riding but all the 80’s cheezy-ness of Rad, only think missing was John Farhnam singing but the track is pretty similar.

  4. Incredible. Great direction and set design really make this one stand out (the tricks help, too.) Digging the John Tomac-era Yeti poster on the wall towards the end, as well.

  5. 10/10.

    I know it’s ‘only’ riding a bike (I’d love to be able to do some of that stuff); I can’t even balance on you own two feet as well as that sometimes 🙂

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