A poignant and moving message to all the drivers out there, this film from Sidewayz Films is dedicated to Kevin Pavlis – a father, husband, son, brother and a freind. See beyond the metal, share the road.

Read the message from Kevin’s sister after the break.

Today I saw a silver pickup truck going down the road with a sticker on the lower right bumper. The sticker read “biker repellant” with and arrow pointing to the diesel exhaust pipe. That bumper sticker stirred a dormant anger and sadness in me.

I talked to my 37 year old brother Kevin almost every day. Kevin was my brother and my best friend. Often he told me stories from his daily bike commute to work. “Someone purposely tried to run me off the road today.” “Someone yelled ‘Get off the road’ and honked at me today.” “Someone threw an almost full can of soda at me today.” I finally asked him to stop telling me about the harassment. It was difficult to imagine that he was being treated this way. I often wondered if these drivers ever stopped and reminded themselves that the cyclist was a human being who had a mother, a father, a daughter, a wife, a sister and friends. Kevin was a kind and giving person. He genuinely loved helping others. He had a difficult life, but was one of the happiest people I have ever known. His smile was unforgettable.

On June 11th 2009, while riding his bike, Kevin was struck by a teen driver. He died in the early hours on June 12th.

In memory of Kevin, I would like to ask drivers to see the cyclist. Please give them the space, time and respect they deserve.

They are more than a machine.
Beyond the metal, they are a human being.
-Tanya Pavlis sister of Kevin Pavlis

*The people on the side of the road, in this video, are not actors. They are Kevin’s family, including his now 6 year old daughter, and friends.


  1. Nicely done. I completely sympathize, car drivers are too aggressive with bicyclists. However, I have the same issues with bicyclists when I am walking the trails. They whizz by me with no warning with Inches to spare. Idiots. There is a general lack of education with all these dummys

  2. There’s nothing to be added to that video as it’s as perfect and poignant as any such video can get. It imbues cycling with a human element that can’t be ignored, and it implicitly urges others on the road to remember or rediscover their own humanity. Well done.

  3. Well done….. Sadly, we do face these many incidents of harassment everyday. Every cyclist can speak of it and we mostly just accept it. September 13, 2006, Jonathan Dechau was killed in upstate NY by a driver downloading ringtones. Jon’s daughter was 7 months old. Jon was my best friend in cycling and I miss him everyday. Several of us run a foundation in his name to attempt to bring something positive out of the loss of Jon.
    Jon and Kevin would not want us to give up our pursuit of cycling, of the happiness it brings us, but they both would certainly just want the average Joe to realize that we cyclists are human beings, children, parents, sons, daughters, etc., we are not simply targets….

  4. I am the older brother of Tanya and Kevin Pavlis, my name is Eric Pavlis. I am very impressed with Tanya putting this together. “I can see Kevin in her words!” This makes my heart feel free to know Tanya has spoke for Kevin Pavlis my Brother, Friend and US Army Vetern and my only HERO! “Kevin you live in my heart and memories!”

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