These days it seems there is almost as much competition for computer mounts, than the actual computers themselves. Joining Tate Labs with their Barfly MTB, SRAM is bringing their Quickview computer mounts from the road to the mountain bike sides of things to offer a safe, secure mounting solution for off road Garmin use. The $20 mount features an all new split clamp design with top access to the T25 stainless bolt. Like the original Quickview road, the MTB version uses a simple 1/4 turn twist mount for direct mounting of Garmin Edge 200/500/510/800/810 computers. Available in July.

Bummed out that your Garmin Edge 605/705 isn’t compatible? SRAM’s got you covered with an all new adapter after the break.

Adapter detail

Due to the slide mount style of the 605 and 705, they are not compatible with the new crop of Garmin handlebar mounts. Fortunately, SRAM is now offering this simple little adapter that turns your slide mount into a twist mount. Simply attach the adapter to the Quickview mount, and then slide your Garmin in or out as needed. adaptor_garmin_install_1000x1000_0

The adapter adds a measly 8 grams, costs $5, and will be available in June.

Zipp Quick View Computer mount

Zipp is also getting in on the mount games, with a Quickview TT computer mount. Designed for mounting on any 22.2mm aerobar extension, the mount is specifically designed for aerodynamic mounting on the left extension but can be mounted on the right as well. Like the other Quickviews, the clamp uses a single T25 torx bolt and a flexible clamp with a 1/4  twist installation. Weighing 18g, the Zipp Quickview TT will be available in July for $20.


  1. Finally! I’ve been hoping for one of those adapters. I assume it will work with other non-SRAM mounts. And for only $5, I can afford to find out the hard way (I already have a bar-fly that was given to me as a gift).

  2. Finally! I have no real need to upgrade my Garmin but wanted to use these mounts. This is perfect. Im glad someone finally did this.

  3. I’m not sure how sram gets away with this. 2 weeks ago, BarFly posted a mount almost exactly the same as this one. It seems like a classic case of the big company with more resources beating up on the small company that innovates.

    Sram: if you guys truly are making new products, why aren’t you able to come up with something new before BarFly? All I have seen thus far is BarFly copycat products. Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should…

  4. This is good news for Cannondale mountain bike owners that can’t utilize a stock Garmin mount because of the large diameters of Lefty/Headshock stems. The current Barfly and Quickview makes it so that you’ve got to cut a notch out of a number plate if you’re using that setup for racing. I’m excited for this one.

  5. First, who here has compared the CAD drawings for the Bar-Fly and the SRAM mounts to verify they are “identical”? What? No one? That’s what I thought. I guess armchair engineering isn’t as reliable as it’s thought to be.

    Great news about the 605/705 mount. Visibility of the 705 on my stem blows. Raceware Direct used to have a piece that slid on the bottom of a 705, that was quasi permanent but allowed the 705 to be used with their 800 mounts. It’s not available on their website anymore, sadly.

  6. Many of the first SRAM Garmin out-front mounts that I’ve seen made the Garmin sit crooked and it wasn’t really possible to straighten (the Garmin would only stay in the pre-determined position), VERY annoying in my opinion. I do like this idea for the 605/705 adaptor, I’m surprised it hasn’t been released before (Raceware’s doesn’t count).

  7. My Garmin straps on perfectly with its included rubber straps. Works on the bars, works on the stem, works on my road bike, works on my mountain bike. I really don’t understand who’s buying all these mounts and why.

  8. Bob, people are buying them for the better visibility. Out front you don’t have look away from the road as long as you do when the computer is mounted on the stem. Further, these out front mounts don’t clutter the handlebars as much as bar mounted computers.

  9. I agree with Psi Squared. My mount sits on the stem and is not easy to read without looking completely down. Also my stem angle give me a glare and makes it even hard to see . Sitting out front it will be easier to see and I can adust if there is any glare.

  10. I checked the local shop today, QBP is out of the mount. I didn’t see an “expected back in stock” date either….crap. Might be a few weeks before we can get our hands on them.

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