SMITH_TEASER_AUG15While we’ve been asked to keep mum on the details until the morning of August 15th, the folks at Smith were on hand at PressCamp to show us the next big thing for the company.  Although their new project isn’t 100% ready for the spotlight, we can say that it is pretty impressive and that we’re excited to share when the time comes.  Until then, we have the image above… We know that Bikerumor readers are a clever bunch- anyone care to speculate after the break?

(Hint: it’s not a Campy seatpost.)


  1. Sunglass arms integrated/mounted on a new helmet—probably road‚ or maybe some kind of flip-up visor. Maybe they’re partnering with an existing helmet brand.

  2. Maybe it’s way simpler than we’re guessing… Smith already makes snowsport and motorsport helmets, so maybe they’re introducing a line of cycling helmets.

  3. Some kind of Google Glass-style HUD, probably made in conjunction with another company. And obviously MTB helmets – though hopefully not just their ski/board ones with a different liner.

  4. Climate control bros. No weird temps, no fog in the winter. No high temps in the summer, no sweat dripping on your lenses.

What do you think?