The start of the DH World Cup means a lot of things, including the return of Rob’s Dirty Business! Rob Warner is now Lord Warner, and he hopes to renew his storied reputation in the MTB world. Episode #1, season #2 takes us to Fort William for a race recap mixed with a bit of humor, and bag pipes. Language is NSFW.


  1. I have no clue what this about, but every time red bull shows up, it’s a f76king boredom post of overaged loser trying to convince the world he does better on red bull. Red bull is for truck drivers who passed the coffe switch… Nothing more. Get out of my sport, you are f67king up kids’s view on performance. Also, Rob, whoever you are, get a life, not a boring one but a less annoying one, one that doesn’t involve your corporate slutyness and some nipple of consumerism shame.

  2. @Jonny: Not only do I know the history and accomplishments of the likes of Merckx, Pantani, Coppi and Cipo, I also celebrate the athletic achievements of those like Palmer, Tomac, Atherton, Vouilloz and yes Rob Warner. I’m not alone, either. Get out there and educate youself. You’re missing out on an entertaining and very legitimate discipline of cycling.

    Also: RedBull is one of few companies that are acutally putting money INTO our sport, unlike the Rabobanks, Radio Shacks and Liquigas of the world.

  3. People drinking redbull is putting the money actually. Red bull puts the money to sell more red bull.

    MTB is destroyed because of show business. XCO is a caricaturisation of MTB, going rounds in artificial circuits and 1.5 hours races…

    Cape Epic, that is the true MTB. Downhill is for stupid rich and snob people who need a special circuit and go uphill with a telecabin… just like snowboarders and golf players.

    F— red bull. This is not our sport. Neither tour the france, that is not a sport, is show business.

    Now, I like Rob Warner doing the stupid, to be honest. Good advertising if you ask me. Lot of stupid people like me will buy more red bull because of that. Cheers.

  4. wooah. in my area xc is for the rich snobs who put their money into carbon frames and xtr or xx only. yes, red bull as a drink is terrible for you (i’m down with the occasional jager bomb though). red bull puts puts out ridiculous stuff yes, but if it gets me to where the trail ends then i’ll take it any day. and if you don’t know who rob warner is, this was never meant for you…

  5. Wow… I can say that I have never seen a advertisement the gone out and purchased the product. I may have Googled it to learn more but I make my decisions based on my wants and needs not what some guy doing tricks on a bike tells me. If you can’t separate advertising for your own consumer habits then that is your problem not the company behind the many people it sponsors.

    I think what Red Bull is doing is great. Showing the diversity that cycling has to offer and not just the TDF. Cycling isn’t your sport. Cycling isn’t even a sport for most people. It is an activity to be enjoyed by everyone.

  6. Wow, easy does it! I don’t drink red bull, but it does a lot for the promotion of various forms of cycling (BMX, Downhill, etc), and alternative / extreme sports (X-games n’stuff). I disagree that downhill is a rich people sport like snow boarding, and I don’t think snow boarding is a rich person sport either. Golf, I don’t consider a sport unless you carry your own clubs – and even then. Yes, it does take a degree of finances to invest in the equipment, but what about hard work? Most of these young athletes started like you and me on a shitty hand-me-down bike from a cousin, or a department store bike. Maybe it’s just me, but a lot of my friends who are pro, or quality riders of bikes of the many realms started on the sidewalk with 2x4s jumping their best friends. Did chores, worked hard, and practiced their ass’s off after school, broke bones, bikes, skidded out tires on their way to loving bikes. I’d be stoked if I could suck at the nipple of the corporate consumer beast, but I’m not a bad ass. I’m just not that talented / to many skateboarding injuries have made me realize that, I don’t heal like Wolverine, and as hard as I try, there will aways be some kid who saw the X-games when he was 4 years old an started practicing who will own me and 99.9 % of people. More sports the better, and excellent example of the power of darwinian evolutionary.

  7. based on the comments, I am not going to watch whatever stupid video is posted. hey marketing geniuses, you’re all lost on me 🙂

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