frame exposure HighlightsThe Santa Cruz Heckler just turned 18, and to celebrate it’s barely legal status, she’s reinventing herself for the 7th time! This time, she grabbed 27.5″ wheels and borrowed a little something from the Bronson’s closet and stepped into a flattering new matching geometry. That means a slightly longer toptube and a slacker headtube for better all around hoonage.

Same name, same great reliability, and same great price. This budget darling with the slightly bigger hoops can be had for as little as $2,599 USD. Hop past the break for the gossip and selfies…_10A0316

The headtube has been slacked out two degrees to 67.

Santa Cruz Heckler Logo

The name is just Heckler. No C (for carbon) at this price point.

Santa Cruz Heckler Routing

Unfortunately, the Heckler didn’t get Stealth routing for a dropper post this year, just external routing for the dropper of your choice. Never fear though, Santa Cruz is still spec’n a triple crankset spinning on a threaded with ISCG05 tabs for anyone adverse to change._10A0283
Squish is still provided by an easy to maintain single pivot but the rear end now uses a 142×12 thru axle.

Not feeling the club tropicana curacao blue? You can still channel your inner Man in Black.


The geometry is based on a 544.4mm axle to crown:

Santa Cruz Heckler 2013 7th Gen Geometry

The new geometry is borrowed directly from the extremely popular new Bronson. Four different sizes of this frame will be offered, but shorter riders and ladies should also eye the new womens specific Juliana offerings.


• Total frame weight: 6.76 lb (3.07 kg) M size with Fox Float CTD evolution shock.
• 6” (150mm) travel.
• 27.5” wheels.
• New 142mm x 12mm rear axle spacing – easier wheel installation.
• Collet axle pivot – locks in place without pinch bolts.
• Angular contact bearings maximize stiffness.
• Standard or direct mount rear derailleur hanger.
• ISCG-05 chainguide compatibility.
• 73mm threaded BB for creak-free riding and easy installation.
• Two color options:
• Gloss black w/orange decals
• Gloss blue w/green decals
• Complete bikes starting at $2599 (US) / $2899 (CAN) for D-AM kit.
• Frame $1299 (US) / $1399 (CAN) with Fox Float CTD evolution shock.

• 5 year warranty for original owners
• Lifetime bearings warranty
• Lifetime crash replacement warranty

We’re sort of starting to lose track at this point, but I think this is the 8th new/updated bike Santa Cruz (if you’re not counting aluminum and carbon frames as separate) this year!

So whats left to “650B” in their line-up? Just two of our favorite trail bikes – the Nomad and Chameleon. The only other 26″ bikes in the stable are the V10 downhill bike, which just received a major update, and the dirt jump/pumptrack oriented Jackal. Since the Chameleon received a pretty major overhaul in November of last year, we’re really hoping for a new Nomad just in time for summer loving.


  1. The term “tweener” needs to go away right now. Call it 27.5 or 650b or anything else, “tweener” is just stupid.

  2. This was my #1 for upgrading my lady from a 4″ to a 6″ frame aaaand now its out of the running. 650b is the dumbest [deleted] ever, it’s sad to see the entire market going that way in such little time. Guess you win, bike world. When there is no options except buying an entire new bike, I’ll have to toss the perfect working condition lyrik & wheelset I have for some new [deleted] that won’t work as well, nor be as easy to service.

    Thanks for the threaded bb, atleast. never change that.

  3. It would be cool if they made a carbon Heckler that hit a lower price point vs their other carbon offerings. Maybe somewhere around $1900.

  4. $2600 for an 18 year old design? sure, the seven “upgrades” have probably made a sizable difference, but not enough for a single pivot frame to cost $1300, even including the shock that’s worth, in real dollars, about $28.73. joe graney and co. need to re-evaluate their sense of self-worth.

  5. that said, the colors for all the new stuff SC is releasing are righteous. being a swede, i really dig this one, even if it’s probably more kazakhstan than sverige.

  6. filibuster,
    glad you like the colors.
    The Heckler’s price just reflects its manufacturing cost – tubing and fabrication doesn’t get cheaper because the pivot placement was determined 18 years ago. The Heckler is made to the same quality standards as our aluminum VPP frames in the same factory. It saves some $ to have less parts to the frame, but the thru-axle adds cost compared to the last generation, as well as tapered headtube, hydroformed upright tubes on the swingarm, hydroformed top tube, and so on. One could make a single pivot frame at a lower cost, but we have a certain quality level we aren’t comfortable sacrificing for a frame that is meant to be ridden hard for years under shredders, not parked in a garage.

    And I’m not sure where you buy your shocks, but you think a US made Fox Float CTD shock is really that cheap?

  7. “The All New Santa Cruz Heckler 27.5″ – You’ll Want it Because it’s a Tweener!”

    No, sorry. If I was in the market for a 650b single-pivot FS bike (and I’m not), I’d be buying a Five.

  8. mr. graney–
    thank you for the well-reasoned response!! i guess i’m more than anything voicing a concern those of us (mechanics, sales kids, etc) at the bottom of the industry pyramid have with the lack of affordability in our chosen world. there’s no room, or reason, here for feature vs. benefit debates, or market- vs. perceived-value discussions, but when the equipment that makes sense for our riding abilities and frequency, shredder or not, is out of reach, and when the tenor in all bike media is to believe a $1000 bicycle to be of wal-mart quality, we get frustrated. angry, even. i’m not calling out your company’s commitment to quality. that is not and has never been in question. (and again, this heckler is gorgeous.) i simply feel that those of us who do the vast majority of service hours on your (and every bike company’s) product are excluded from the party. i don’t want to be “elevated” to this imaginary party, but rather i wish it be more accessible to all of us, most importantly my customers. when i try to aim a customer a couple hundred bucks upward, usually from the $500 range to the $8- or $900 for a complete bike, i am nearly universally met with resistance. imagine how it must be when a frame and shock, considered by the industry to be a “budget” option, is another $4-$500. most customers, when confronted with this, walk away. many are angry with me personally. i understand that i am guilty of pointing out problems without handing over solutions, but there you go.

  9. Filibuster cash: very eloquent comments!

    1. If you work somewhere $500 is big money, and your great at your job and passionate, then get a new job!

    2. A Santa Cruz frame will always be expensive. It’s a premium brand, bronson, solo, heckler 650b these are brand new designs, in must have wheel sizes, and colour ways, you can command just that little bit more. Your lucky your not into sports bikes too! Ducati’s can bankrupt anyone!

    If your a serious mountain biker and have ridden a lot of bikes, you’ll know fitness and skill makes more difference!
    If your on a tight budget as many of us are, single pivots are a fantastic investment and my personal favourite. You could buy a used frame, replace the two bearings for peanuts, service the rear shock yourself and boom! You have a frame that rides like new! Deore, slx, zee is so so good nowadays and with 10×1 being a popular option, groupset running costs are very reasonable. Then get out and punish those legs!!!!

    Good times

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