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When asked to describe the all new Pronto Ti race bike in a few words, Serotta says, “Kick Ass.” Which is great news for fans of the legendary brand which had a scare just over a year ago when rumors began swirling of Ben Serotta putting the operation up for sale. It turns out that Ben was looking for a company like Bradway Capitol to help out with the business side of things while Ben focused on what he does best – kick ass bikes. In May of last year after it was announced that Serotta was not going anywhere, Ben said there was a long list of projects that were in the works, one of which appears to have been the all new Pronto Ti Race Bike. The Pronto SG joins the list of Standard Geometry Ti bikes, but with race geometry for a “no-holds-barred” race bike.

Check out the new bike after the break, Pronto!

Serotta Pronto Stealth-Portrait-600x394

In Ben’s words, the Pronto cockpit is designed for speed first, comfort second. As a race bike, riders should benefit from the durability of titanium in the unfortunate event of a pileup, yet the oversized double butted tubes should still prove plenty light. Serotta lists the tubing as extra oversized 3AL-2.5V seamless double butted main tubes with Colorado concept rear stays. As with all Serottas, the Pronto will be hand built in Saratoga Springs, New York with the forks made in Poway, California . Other frame details include a PF30 BB, 31.6 seat post, and 25mm max tire size.

Serotta Maverick-S5-Fork-390x600

While the Pronto will be offered in stock sizing, each frame will still feature size specific ride tuning – Serotta’s way of tuning the ride of each bike to the estimated size of the rider. The S5 fork features aluminum dropouts and a 1 1/4 – 1 1/8″ tapered steerer.

Zach Koop racing the Philly Cycling Classic on a preproduction Pronto.

Offered in 12 different sizes, the Pronto will be available in 47, 50, 52, 53, 54, 55, 56, 57, 58, 59, 60 and 61.5cm sizes. Full “Euro-Road: Not for race poseurs” geometry can be found here, which correlates to a 73/73° angle set for a 56cm frame.



The Pronto will be offered in 6 different color schemes, with the bottom two matte finishes the standard options. Polished logos or paint finishes up the price – though the stealth red above does look pretty sweet. Pricing will vary from $4,295 (SRAM Rival) to $7,695 (SRAM Red), with the frame and S5 fork only retailing for $3,295. The Pronto will include a lifetime warranty, and Serotta’s Peace Of Mind protection program as well.


  1. @caliente…’oooh, takes a dive in the corner and the plastic bike is broken in half’ or ‘takes a dive in the corner, gets up, crushes it and wins money’. Tough sell.

  2. Steve, did you shoot a prototype with a gun or are you just engaging in hyperbole when you call this frame bulletproof? Because I don’t think that this frame can stand up to a .44 magnum Smith & Wesson revolver shooting a bullet at it, but what do I know? I don’t own the frame or a gun.

  3. If you eat it in a crit race, even if your frame is alright, some other parts might be wrecked.
    Lifetime warranty is nice but Cannondale’s plastic bikes have that as well.

  4. Besides the fork, this frame can’t be built in Poway, California; that’s only where the composite parts come from, nothing else.

  5. some people are really silly. bulletproof? You’re actually taking it literally?
    titanium is a touch material. I recall reading about someone who totally sheared off his fork in a head on on a descent and the frame has emerged unscathed.
    ok, of course cannondale or spec or trek will give you a lifetime warranty. doesn’t change the fact that when you crack your frame in a pileup its going to put you out of commission for a while.
    ti is no doubt more crashable than carbon or even aluminum or steel i suspect.
    the advantage of a metal race bike, especially one that isnt eggshell thin, is totally valid.

  6. No lifetime warranty from any bicycle maker covers you in the event of a crash (one where a manufacturing defect wasn’t the culprit).


  7. Bingo Gravity. You aren’t going to call up Serotta after running head-on into a course marshal at 30 mph coming out of a hard right-hander into two way traffic not clearing the bunny-hop over her and getting a straight up frame warranty when you crack a weld. Lifetime warranties are for manufacturing defects/workmanship.

  8. Here is some clarification over what was haphazardly pulled directly from our website:

    The S5 fork is available in one stiffness and one rake at this time. Our other 2 fork offerings, the S3 (aluminum dropout with straight 1-1/8″ steerer) and the F3 (titanium dropouts with straight 1-1/8″ steerer) are offered in 4 different rakes and 3 different stiffness levels. We will be producing the S5 in additional rake options shortly.

    The frames are crafted in our Saratoga Springs, NY location along with all of our models and the forks are all manufactured in our Poway, California location. We manufacture as much of the frame and fork as possible. Tubing is butted, dropouts and small bits are CNC machined, and forks are molded…all in house.

    We do offer a Lifetime Warranty against manufactures defect, however we do also offer a Crash Protection Program at no additional charge as well.

    Please take a look at our Piece of Mind protection as it DOES cover crash damage. Here is a link:

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